Jesse Plemons Dishes on Shedding 50 Pounds: "Not Lugging It Anymore"

Jesse Plemons shares deeper reasons behind significant weight loss

by Zain ul Abedin
Jesse Plemons Dishes on Shedding 50 Pounds: "Not Lugging It Anymore"
© Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Jesse Plemons, the 36-year-old skilled actor who has been typecasted in some dramatic films and intricate character portrayals, was in news not for his latest release but for a new milestone in his personal life: he has lost over 50 pounds of his weight.

This transformation, Plemons notes, wasn't fueled by the latest pharmaceutical craze but through an old-fashioned method, Also commonly referred to as intermittent fasting. During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his latest movie, Kinds of Kindness, Plemons shared his experience of losing weight.

Unlike many characters in Hollywood movies who shed kilos due to diets or using medications, including Ozempic, Plemons stuck to the systematic nutrition plan. Unlike in other diets where one is restricted to specific foods, intermittent fasting only limits the hours of consuming foods.

As Plemons discovered, this approach was surprisingly efficient. "It’s really about the timing," Plemons explained how he only eats food during a specific period of the day. "Several people recommended intermittent fasting, and once I tried it, I was amazed at how quickly I saw results."

Family First Transformation

This was not just a journey in the direction of losing some weight and attaining better fitness.

When asked about his motivation, Plemons, who was awarded as the Best Actor at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival for his work in Kinds of Kindness by Yorgos Lanthimos, said that he wanted to change for the better, first of all, for his family.

Having two children, Ennis and James, with an actress, Kristen Dunst, Plemons said it was important for him to have as much energy as his offspring. The discussion also went to the approach he used to shed the extra weight, and although he was named to have used Ozempic, a popular slimming pill, he dismissed it.

"It’s unfortunate that my decision to get healthy coincided with the Ozempic craze," he said jokingly, which is quite typical for him. However, for Plemons, such perception does not really serve to conceal the joy and healthy life that he got in the end.

During an interview regarding his recent victory at Cannes and becoming a star, Plemons did not shy away from stating how perplexing it is to receive such awards. It was a pride moment in his professional career as well as an opportunity to reflect on himself during the festival’s screening of the film.