Ink Master's Ryan Hadley Passes Away at 46

Tattoo artist Ryan Hadley succumbs to severe cancer

by Zain ul Abedin
Ink Master's Ryan Hadley Passes Away at 46
© Ink Master/Youtube

Ryan Hadley, the tattoo artist who gained popularity after being a contestant on ‘Ink Master’ Season 6, has died at 46 from cancer. The reality TV star passed on Thursday with family and friends expressing their sorrow for losing a passionate personality.

Steeped in art from the onset, Hadley gained fame through Spike TV’s Ink Master, which is a reality show that pits tattoo artists against each other in a range of art battles.

Even though he did not make it to the next round in the second week, he was unique in his dancing and committed to the end. The series, which later moved to Paramount+, gave an opportunity to prove himself along with many other great talents, and his recent struggle with cancer touched the hearts of many fans.

In December, the artist posted an emotional message to his fans, revealing that he was diagnosed with seminoma cancer, which is derived from testicular cancer. Many fans and fellow tattoo artists supported Hadley for being so vocal about his condition and for going through chemotherapy.

Sadly, he confirmed in April that the treatments were not effective, and the cancer had metastasized to his liver and lungs, which was a major setback in his health struggle.

Hadley's Final Battle

"This is a non treatable cancer in my liver and death is the outcome.

I may be around for another week or maybe another 3 months, either way it tears me apart that I'm leaving my children behind. Death doesn't scare me in any way.. it's the fact of abandonment with my kids is what pisses me off and there's nothing I can do about it." he stated in a heart-wrenching Instagram post.

Yet, his candor and courage in front of such a severe diagnosis, which turned him into a warrior, was compelling and humanized the artist. To the end, Hadley remained active in the community, offering gratitude to his fans and pride in his work.

His family also contacted people for end-of-life donations, saying that he remained an inspiration and the good he is leaving behind through his art and his fight against cancer. Ryan Hadley will not only be known as an incredible tattoo artist but as a man who met life’s struggles head-on.

He left behind children who will continue to be as creative and brave as their father was. His struggle and achievements in the field of art impacted those who knew him and those who read about his life.