Bill Maher Champions U.S. Release of 'The Apprentice' Film

Maher Strongly Advocates for Controversial Film's U.S. Release on Show.

by Nouman Rasool
Bill Maher Champions U.S. Release of 'The Apprentice' Film
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In the latest episode of the show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host actually voiced out in support for the American release of “The Apprentice,” a film that first debuted at Cannes and starred Sebastian Stan in the role of Donald Trump.

Additionally, Jeremy Strong, who is an Emmy winner, is Trump's former passionate lawyer, Roy Cohn. Called a Trump biopic, which details the story of Trump under the tutelage of Cohn, the film has sold in markets in countries such as Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom but is unclaimed by the U.

S. distributors. While fans in Italy, Australia and other countries eagerly await the opportunity to see the distributed movies by the U. S. cineplexs, the hesitations appear to be more emphasized by the current year being an election year with more sensitives.

The film, containing a very explicit scene that portrays Trump as physically assaulting his ex-spouse, Ivana Trump, has provoked a legal response from Trump’s lawyers and seen its financial backer’s wavering, which has stalled its potential US release.

Maher Demands U.S. Release

Maher, unsatisfied with the industry’s silence, strongly expressed his frustration and demands to the decision-makers within his circle by insisting on finding a way to release the film in the United States.

“I can’t believe the nerve; protectionism is my industry, you fcking pssies,” Maher said on his show while pointing out how much more powerful Donald Trump is in the media and especially politics. At this point, the conversation shifted to a wider range as Cuomo and Kinzinger, sitting beside Maher, opined on the show.

They explained his maneuvers to avoid direct culpability, citing the Fresh case of Dominion Voting Systems, suing Fox News, and how cancel culture has become a tool against entities that have bent Trump. However, people close to the industry do not have little doubts about the confirmation of a U.

S. deal soon, especially with some streaming companies, following the successful launching in Cannes. On the other hand, Maher appeals to reason, as well as capturing the sentiments of his audience and fellow Americans who would want to have ‘Free Speech’ and be able to watch movies that they would want, stating, ‘I’m an American, and I want to see the movies that I want!’.