Andy Cohen Backs Jennifer Looez Against Online Hate, Meghan McCain

Cohen defends Lopez against growing criticism and media scrutiny.

by Nouman Rasool
Andy Cohen Backs Jennifer Looez Against Online Hate, Meghan McCain
© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While the star has been relentlessly trolled on the internet and Meghan McCain from ‘The View’ took the time to make several unpleasant remarks towards the actress, Andy Cohen took it upon himself to become Jennifer Lopez’s biggest admirer.

In his Daddy Diaries Podcast on YouTube, Cohen pointed out his confusion and concern that some fans are turning aggressive on social media with Lopez even as she faces challenging times in her life. Cohen decided to address the harshest article that pointed at what the authors considered to be the show’s likeability factor – Lopez.

In a gesture to defend her, he reminisced about their encounters on his show, “WWHL. ” Despite reports claiming otherwise, Cohen noted that Lopez had been a perfect guest; she was always on time, cooperative, and ready to mingle.

Cohen Praises Jennifer Lopez's Shows

Moreover, when Cohen was asked about Lopez’s performance talent, he had plenty of positive things to say on that front. He went on to note how her capacity to deliver a ‘capital S show’ is in sharp contrast to the apparent logic that her hype is somehow ‘doing too much.’ In Cohen’s sentiment, it is simply irrational that people could quarrel about Lopez’s exuberance in stage performances.

In a more personal first eight minutes of the discourse, Cohen delved into the conversation to respond to Meghan McCain, who recently revealed her rather negative perceptions of Lopez on her podcast. To this snap in the exchange, McCain opined her encounter with Lopez as ‘deeply unpleasant,’ which is an extra celeb-reduction in a continuing dialogue.

It may be due to these concerns that critics still highlight various pressures that Lopez comes across in her personal and working life. Recent advancement indicates that her marriage might be experiencing some stress; her latest tour as well has not been clear of criticisms.

The author brings it all and Cohen’s vocal support and is enlightening on a split in the entertainment circle while reminding readers of the underlying issues in the world of entertainment.