Jimmy Kimmel's Rudy Giuliani Appliance: A Nightmare in Your Kitchen

Exploring political satire on late-night television

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel's Rudy Giuliani Appliance: A Nightmare in Your Kitchen
© Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Recently, on his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel took everyone on a ride with a comedic product still as creepy as it is silly – Rudy Giuliani coffee maker. This new gadget is called the “Brewdy” with the attachment molded into the former lawyer of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

It is made to closely resemble a highly-publicized event that occurred in 2020 when Giuliani was left red-faced as black dye flowed down his cheeks during a press conference. The Brewdy coffee maker decision takes a shot at this moment while making sure that people do not forget about it in a rather peculiar way.

When the former New York City mayor spills coffee on himself during a television interview, the hot liquid streaming through the Giuliani-shaped nozzle is both humorous and somewhat disturbing. Another feature that contributes to the overall whimsicality of this appliance is a ‘disturbing foaming option,’ which only amplifies the craziness of the image.

Kimmel's Political Brew

Last month, Giuliani, who continues facing bankruptcy and increasing legal woes, said that he is entering the coffee business. This move, especially when compared to his recent controversies, is perfect for Kimmel’s show.

The late-night host, who is frequently unafraid to go after political figures, uses Brewdy's coffee maker to point out the ridiculousness and sometimes the grotesque nature of politicians becoming animated TV characters. The segment that was aired on Thursday night is much more than the mere promotion of a peculiar product.

It is also a commentary on today’s political climate, in which politics often seem like a reality TV show. Kimmel’s decision to focus on this specific episode from Giuliani’s life underlines the show’s critical perspective on how the people in power handle their mistakes and scandals.

As viewers, the introduction of such a product in a comedic sketch might leave us amused or appalled, which, in turn, would provoke a consideration of the political spectacle. It is a work of fun that is also commentary, a reminder of the dark circus that political and public life too frequently is.