RFK Jr. Pays $68K for Russell Brand's Event Appearance

Russell Brand's recent political dialogues stir significant attention

by Zain ul Abedin
RFK Jr. Pays $68K for Russell Brand's Event Appearance
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

It was reported that Russell Brand’s production company was paid $68,417.96 for reasonable expenses for attending a political event for the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign, proving that hiring celebrities is expensive in a political campaign.

This comedy show called "Night of Comedy" happened in Nashville in May. Together with Russell Brand, other comedians performed, including Rob Schneider, Dave Landau, Jim Breuer, Katherine Blanford, Jeff Dye, and Mike Binder.

Russell Brand’s set, which was filmed, specifically lampooned traditional media and scorned the application of vaccine and mask protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic. The amount paid to Russell Brand’s production company also included not only his travelling cost but also his crew and equipment as well as those of other international entertainers, indicating expenses on logistics.

Team Kennedy stated the details of the event in the FEC filings, where the campaign expenditure was listed under the budgetary line item "Event Entertainment -Travel Expenses." The disclosure is evidence that the campaign did not hide any of the expenses it incurred.

Russell Brand's Political Engagements

Russell Brand, who still lives in the UK, did not offer any discounts to the Kennedy campaign despite being personally acquainted with RFK Jr, who has been on Brand’s podcast called “Stay Free Russell”.

Moreover, Russell Brand’s political-related activities did not end with the Kennedy event. He then had a conversation with RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko in which he was asked to express his views on a fictional vote between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

While Brand did not explicitly endorse Trump, his political talks indicate his readiness to shape the politics of the United States of America. A number of celebrities, including Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Spacey, Jenny McCarthy, and Donnie Wahlberg, have endorsed RFK Jr.’s campaign, indicating the influence of the campaign among celebrities in the entertainment industry.