Elliott Gould Mourns Donald Sutherland: 'He Felt Like a Brother'

Actor Elliott Gould reflects on a profound personal loss

by Zain ul Abedin
Elliott Gould Mourns Donald Sutherland: 'He Felt Like a Brother'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The famous actor Elliott Gould mourned the loss of his dear friend and fellow actor, Donald Sutherland, who died at the age of 88. He posted his condolences on the social media platform, stating how much fun they had together, whether in front of the camera or not.

The duo first worked together in the successful 1970 movie “M*A*S*H” which was directed by Robert Altman. This black humor war movie, co-starring Tom Skerritt and Sally Kellerman, was a notable contribution to both the actors’ filmography.

Their chemistry showed that they would work together once again in Ivan Kershner’s comedy movie “S*P*Y*S” in 1974.

Gould's Heartfelt Eulogy

In his message, Gould explained not only how Sutherland loomed large as a performer but also as a gentleman.

Gould described him as follows: "Donald was a giant, not only physically but as a talent." He provided a story that showed the closeness of their sons Jason Gould and Kiefer Sutherland (who has a twin sister, Rachel Sutherland) because they were born a week apart in December 1966.

Regarding the loss, Gould said: "It’s not easy, losing the caliber of a human being and actor like Donald Sutherland, but this one really profoundly hurts because Donald was like my brother, and a big part of my own career." Donald Sutherland, who acted in various films for many years and of different types, passed away in Miami after a long illness.

He has directed some of the greatest films of all time, including The Dirty Dozen, Klute, Animal House, and the Hunger Games series. He also bagged an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Russian Colonel Mikhail Fetisov in the HBO 1995 thriller "Citizen X." Aside from his on-camera contributions, Sutherland was also the father of Roeg Sutherland, a CAA Media Finance veteran.

For his contribution to the world of cinema, in 2017, Sutherland was awarded an Honorary Oscar. It is a sad end for a remarkable man. Nonetheless, his impact on the movie business and the people who watch them will last for generations.