Billy Joel Faces Backlash Over Taylor Swift Comments

Billy Joel's recent comments spark debate in the music community

by Zain ul Abedin
Billy Joel Faces Backlash Over Taylor Swift Comments
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Billy Joel has recently made some comments concerning today's music industry, and they are quite controversial. In an interview with the Variety magazine conducted on Tuesday, June 18th, the legendary musician was asked about his view on the current state of music leading him to offend some of his fans.

Speaking to the interviewer, Joel did not want to release new songs, doubting the relevance of albums in the present context. "Who makes albums anymore anyway?" Joel asked himself. "I think the only person making new albums these days is Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo.

I don't know other people who make albums. I don't know what the marketing of that is like now." Billy Joel’s view appears to be somewhat old-fashioned compared to the modern music scene. This is not true because the Billboard 200 chart this year shows that many artists have released successful albums recently.

Fans React Strongly

Fans responded to X (formerly Twitter) with comments that Joel is probably out of touch with today’s popular music. "He needs to lowkey expand his musical tastes then," responded one user. In response, one user jokingly commented on Joel’s age by saying, "Okay grandpa, let’s get you to bed." However, some fans had the same opinion as Joel, commenting as follows: "Taylor makes amazing albums, not just hot singles!

He's so right. Olivia does as well, but so do others. I think he's saying Taylor's his favourite," and "Greats recognize the greats." Joel, who came out this year with his first single since 1997, titled ‘Turn the Lights Back On,’ described the challenges he encounters in making music.

He explained to his fans that they are not likely to see him release another album soon. "Writing is a form of torture," he admitted. "There's this big black beast with 88 teeth that wants to bite my fingers off while I'm writing.

I drive myself nuts. It's just not as good as I want it to be," refering to his piano. Continuing with his issues, Joel further stated, "It's a great deal of torment, and I decided I don't want to put myself through that anymore.

I used to have drinking problems and all kinds of self-hate when I was writing because I set the bar so high. It's not something I miss. I love making music."

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