Ben Affleck on Life with Jennifer Lopez's Fame and His 'Resting Face'

Ben Affleck shares insights about life with Jennifer Lopez and fame.

by Nouman Rasool
Ben Affleck on Life with Jennifer Lopez's Fame and His 'Resting Face'
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Ben Affleck has recently discussed how it is to live with Jennifer Lopez’s fame and people noticing that he looks disgusted at everything during the latest episode of Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show ‘Hart to Heart.’ Affleck started by stating how surprised he was by the amount of love that Lopez gets from her fans.

That is, she is very famous and people like her so much. She really stands for something dear to people,” he said to Hart. Affleck compared the two reactions by saying, “With me, people are like ‘Hey, I like your movie’ Then they see J.

Lo, and it’s a whole different reaction. It’s amazing”. He narrated a specific event in New York where he and Lopez, with their five children, were going for a play at Times Square. The traffic was pretty bad, and they agreed to walk one and a half blocks to get on time.

Through Times Square, with her, all the kids, it was like people were going crazy, they were screaming her name, and people surrounded us, it was insane, Affleck said. They explained how this experience unveiled various issues they encountered being a famous couple.

Impact on Kids

Affleck also discussed the effects of their celebrity status on their kids. He said: ‘Every day I want to wake up and do right by them, make their lives a little better.’ He agreed that his public life often creates additional problems for his children when they are not needed.

‘It saddens me seeing them go through things because of the image I portray’, he said, noting that this often makes him have second thoughts about his occupations. Speaking about his appearance, Affleck said: I’m an introverted person, I don’t like attention, and that’s why I look grumpy or unhappy Hart later told that Affleck has a ‘resting bitch face’, to which Affleck replied with laughter, No, I have a resting hard face People see something in me that I don’t see in myself.

The episode’s airing also came just a week after new photos and stories of Lopez vacationing alone in Positano, Italy, sparked rumours about their marriage. Regardless of growing rumours about their relationship, both Affleck and Lopez continue to remain silent.

They got married in July 2022, and both can often be seen together, wearing their wedding bands. But people close to them have said that the couple knows they have problems and are ready to deal with them. More recently, Lopez has shared an Instagram Story where she congratulated Affleck on Father’s Day, thus, continuing to maintain the image of a happy family publicly.

While Affleck goes through the roller coaster of fame and the challenges of family, the interview with Hart reveals some of the warmth and challenges of one of Hollywood’s most publicized couples.

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