Woody Harrelson: Why I Skip Cell Phones

Harrelson Ditches Phone for Authentic, Unrestricted Connections.

by Nouman Rasool
Woody Harrelson: Why I Skip Cell Phones
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Woody Harrelson, famous for his outlook on life and no-holds-barred personality, recently discussed his rather untraditional view of technology in the episode of SiriusXM's podcast "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" with Ted Danson.

Nevertheless, underlining the main message of the film and revealing the truth behind the advertisement, Harrelson admitted he does not have a cell phone, which illustrates his fight for liberty and true relationships. While having a fun time talking with the guest, Kristen Bell, Harrelson more seriously dispelled a myth.

"It is not that I make others carry my phone," he said, giving details of his past behavior after he had finally eradicated the use of a cell phone in his life three years prior. His rationale? "I just don't like to be easily accessible to any human being at any time," pointed out Harrelson, and I could only nod, realizing how oppressive constant connection can be.

Beyond Device Dependence

Harrelson went on to expound on his vision, stating how the device became akin to 'an appendage on his appendage' when he possessed one, a development that made him limit its use time. "I'd wake up and realize I had already exceeded my two-hour daily limit by 9:" About 30 AM," he expressed.

It captures the addictive aspect of smartphones. This prompted Danson to ask the nature of these limitations that people set for themselves—did they include calls only or also text and applications. Harrelson's response highlighted a broader issue: the use of smartphones in interaction.

He sighed and said, "Perhaps instead of making myself available during a break in the dinner conversation, it would have been more constructive to pull out my phone and start browsing." Building on this, Bell used her life experience to illustrate that her two kids significantly influenced her understanding of phone utilization.

"They have helped me understand just how detached I can sometimes appear," The children of Bell said moments when they felt they lost their mother's attention due to phone usage. This has made her change her habits and minimize screen time, especially during family time, so as to be with her children and make changes at home.

This podcast, which reunites Danson and Harrelson three decades after their famous TV show 'Cheers,' is not just about the good old days. It allows the hosts to engage in rather blunt interviews and explore the private aspects of celebrity lives, which are usually hidden from the public eye.

New episodes of the podcast will be released every Wednesday, and based on the show's content, fun, knowledge, and even celebrity anecdotes about contemporary life's struggles, one can expect from Peter and co-host Matthew Broussard.

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