Jon Hamm Had Doubts About Reprising Don Draper for Seinfeld’s Pop Tart Movie

Jon Hamm discusses the challenges of reprising Don Draper in Unfrosted.

by Nouman Rasool
Jon Hamm Had Doubts About Reprising Don Draper for Seinfeld’s Pop Tart Movie
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Jon Hamm cautiously explained what was his choice to return to the character of Don Draper from Mad Men in Jerry Seinfeld’s film Unfrosted. The episode is based in the 1967 and imagines the creation of Pop-Tarts, and Hamm is back playing his iconic role along with John Slattery, who is back as Roger Sterling.

When asked about this topic in The Hollywood Reporter, Hamm opened up and said he was not eager at first to revisit the role that made him famous. Hamm himself did not know what to think: ‘I was of two minds’, he stated.

‘I wish to emphasize that I never take this decision lightly.’ I shouldn’t be so delicate about it, but I don’t want to trivialize it. ”’ He says, ‘I know that, but this would be very funny.

’ Then I called Slattery and told him either way I won’t, but it might be really funny. He asked me, ‘And why wouldn’t we do it?’” When asked how he felt last night seeing himself as Don Draper again, Hamm said that he felt both nostalgic and uncomfortable.

Looking at pictures is like, ‘Oh my God, I look like I’ve gained 20 lbs, and this is 10 years later, and it just – it’s disgusting. ’But this was like slipping into a very well-known, very well-worn garment indeed.

You’re just like, ‘Oh shit, I can do this,’ he laughed loudly.

Character Ownership Debate

Hamm also said that he had not spoken with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about reprising the role. ‘No. Maybe I should have? But I didn’t, and I wouldn’t.

I think I have a right to own that character as much as he does,’ he said. The viewers’ response to Hamm and Slattery’s appearances in Unfrosted has not elicited equal reactions. AINN: I was so outraged by this scene that I wanted to tear the TV away!

Apparently, This part of the show was ‘too unexpected to not trigger furious yell’ as film critic David Ehrlich pointed out in his review. At the same time, he also pointed out that this was not funny enough to escape a feeling of sacrilege.

One of the users of Twitter wrote, “What a find cheapening of Mad Men for a crap Seinfeld money spinner. Depressing. ” Another viewer stated, “Good fing god, this is so bleak. I’m actually depressed after watching this.

” They also accused the film of poor production, stating that it was not up to the standard of Mad Men. Opening and closing credits of this season have been criticized by one person saying, ‘The hair/wardrobe/art direction in Mad Men was stellar.

In this, it’s jarringly bad. ’ In general, Unfrosted has been unfortunately badly received by the media, the film has 43 percent on the site Rotten Tomatoes.