Austin Butler Hesitant to Smoke with Snoop Dogg Near De Niro

Austin Butler Discusses Star Encounters on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

by Nouman Rasool
Austin Butler Hesitant to Smoke with Snoop Dogg Near De Niro
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On a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show actor Austin Butler confessed anxiety about having to smoke with his role model, Robert De Niro. The 32-year-old actor, who rose to fame after portraying Elvis Presley shared a story of how he once met De Niro and the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg simply hanging out.

The gathering that surfaced was a trending issue in March, during which a common friend invited Butler for a taco, which he could not turn down. Of course, there are always ‘What in your mouth, Snoopy,’ inspired by Kimmel’s reaction to Butler’s story about spending time with Snoop Dogg’s dog that same evening.

Butler said that the dog indulged while he refrained from eating. He said he was about to smoke marijuana provided by Snoop Dogg; however, he was afraid to get too high and then wanted to speak to his role model, Robert De Niro, which shows that Butler had immense respect for De Niro, which influenced him even in a situation that could have been quite informal.

Starstruck at McCartney's

By tickling funny bones and smoking throughout the evening while at Snoop Dogg’s house with Kimmel, a joke about cigarettes was made.

Butler moved on to another event, the house party hosted by Paul McCartney, in which he was equally amazed to meet Meryl Streep. Butler described his feelings as starstruck, as if he was in high school, dreaming of a conversation with Streep while eating McCartney’s vegan pizza.

Interviewing Butler was also enlightening about his direct encounters with celebrity culture but also revealed a less glamorous, more grounded angle to celebrity-filled experiences. His raw, comedic interaction with Kimmel also gave the viewers a look into celebrity’s everyday life behind the scenes of confidence, scripts, and photo shoots – they can be as fidgety and starstruck as the common people.

Furthermore, the party at McCartney’s, with guest performances from Jagger, Richards, Starr, and even Swift, who spun the disks for a while, was portrayed as a sensational night, proving how celebrities mingle during such parties.

So, this combination of personal experiences and encounters with celebrities provides an intriguing glimpse of how much the stars are similar to real people.

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