Justin Timberlake's Lawyer Vows to Contest DWI Charges

Timberlake Faces Legal Hurdles Amid Ongoing Music Tour.

by Nouman Rasool
Justin Timberlake's Lawyer Vows to Contest DWI Charges
© Sag Harbor Police Department via Getty Images

Although in the wake of his recent DWI arrest, Justin Timberlake has not been heard from, his attorneys are preparing for a very spirited defense. The event that caused quite a stir among his fans happened two days ago in Sag Harbor, NY: the former *NSYNC star faced the law.

Burke Jr., who represents Timberlake, said to TMZ, “We will aggressively defend Mr. Timberlake against these allegations. ” This comment foreshadows an intense rebuttal against the charges brought against the musician.

That’s why the company recently learned that they are still waiting for some evidence from the District Attorney’s Office, and Burke herself mentioned this fact, suggesting that the further legal process might be rather acrid.

Timberlake's Traffic Stop

It forms part of the video footage where local police officers stopped Timberlake for a traffic violation. He was seen allegedly disregarding a stop sign and swerving on the road. While Timberlake insisted that he had only had a single martini and was at The American Hotel with friends, officers said that he had bloodshot and glassy eyes, had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and was slurring his words.

In addition, Timberlake is said to have failed a field sobriety test, and he bluntly refused the breathalyzer test that he was required to undertake before being arrested and spending the night in jail. After that, he was released the following Tuesday morning without bail, with Burke by his side.

Continuing Timberlake’s current world tour seems perfectly fine fitting the same schedule of legal battle as he is to appear in the court in July. He is expected to do so, the next performances of this performance are planned at the United Center in Chicago later this week.

This raises several issues and questions relating to celebrity, responsibility, and the chain of litigations that commonly precede such trials. It also reveals how people in the public eye are put under great pressure when managing their legal issues and how it becomes challenging to manage both public and personal woes.

It will be interesting to follow this story until the end and watch Justin Timberlake balance copyright issues, his legal struggles, and his gigs as an entertainer for his fans and a musician.

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