Jason Kelce Criticizes Modern Country Music, Says He's 'Tired of It'

Exploring diverse topics beyond the field with the Kelces

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Kelce Criticizes Modern Country Music, Says He's 'Tired of It'
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

In the latest episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce engaged in a discussion with a special focus on the guides to the different music genres and especially focusing on the country music genre, which Jason expressed his disdain about.

The show that was aired on June 19 enabled me to know more about the personality and preferences of the ex-Philadelphia Eagles center and his current NFL Kansas City Chiefs brother. Notably, when asked about modern country music, 36-year-old Kelce, who retired from football in 2021, did not shy away from voicing his discontent with what he now considers to be inauthentic.

"If I have to hear one more country song about boots and trucks, I’ll lose it," he remarked. "It’s just not what country music used to be." He had good words especially for Willie Nelson, in so far as expressing his discontent with what he referred to as conventional rhyming and channeled consistency with what he deemed as the cliched country music production style.

Kelces' Music Musings

Travis, 34, however, stated that he liked some features of modern country music, which proved the fact that the siblings had very different views as to present music styles. However, the brothers agree that there are some artists, who will remain musicians with incredible sense of art, and their choice was Chris Stapleton as an example of the great artist in today’s world of music.

This was not just a podcast that focused on music. The Kelces also mentioned other topics, such as the funny spelling mistake made on the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII Championship ring typo. Travis laughed and said, "It makes it more unique.

A detailed achievement with a small blunder - that’s exclusive!" During these debates, Travis also thinks about deepening his career in the NFL, indicating an interest in the sport and his hope to play football as long as he wants to play on a professional level.

"The moment I doubt my ability to turn a play into a significant gain is when I’ll start questioning my future in football,” he added.