Trump's Gaffe Backfires During Attempt to Mock Biden's Cognition

Trump's recent remarks stir controversy and confusion again

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's Gaffe Backfires During Attempt to Mock Biden's Cognition
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s latest attempt at insulting President Joe Biden’s intelligence went terribly wrong during a recent public event this past Tuesday. Trump planned to bring attention to a specific video widely viewed in the conservative community that shows Biden apparently confused at G7.

He said that the video is evidence that Biden is ‘shamefully’ emerging America on the international stage. However, the video that was in question was cut in a way that would deceive people into thinking that the president-elect was talking to nobody in particular.

Instead, there was, in fact, a skydiver who had just landed close by as part of a planned ceremony that Biden was actually speaking to. The White House and other media outlets have dismissed such videos as ‘cheap fakes,’ adding that they do not employ the AI-generated ‘deep fake’ malware.

However, Trump had gone wrong in his critique when he referred to the edited videos as ‘clean fakes,’ which was wrong because that is how the supposed manipulation was described.

Trump's Misstep Magnified

"Crooked Joe and his handlers are insisting he’s sharper than ever, and they say the videos of Crooked Joe shuffling around are clean fakes," Trump declared, mistakenly coining a new term instead of using the correct "cheap fake." He added, "You know what a clean fake is? They’re deceptively edited, they say they’re deceptively edited, all of the mistakes that he’s made, every day." This blunder comes a few days after Trump had messed up when seeking to challenge Biden on memory based on the former’s capacity.

At the weekend, Trump urged Biden to take a cognitive test and shared the results he received during the test taken by ex-White House doctor Ronny Jackson years ago. In addition to this, Trump was more than once heard to get Jackson’s name wrong, referring to him as “Ronny Johnson” during the event in question.