Kevin Costner Addresses Dating Rumors with Jewel

Kevin Costner Clarifies Relationship Rumors with Jewel on Stern Show.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner Addresses Dating Rumors with Jewel
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Kevin Costner has recently commented on the latest rumours that connected him amorous to singer-songwriter Jewel after divorcing Christine Baumgartner, his wife of 19 years. Concerning his interactions with Jewel, based on his interview on the show "The Howard Stern Show," the actor noted that, although he has met Jewel on many occasions and has spent significant time talking to her, their friendship has never evolved into romantic territory.

"We've never gone out, ever," Costner told Stern, debunking the rumours that have circulated in recent months. He described their relationship as purely platonic: "We have been friends, but we have never been involved in a relationship or dated each other," This may contradict what many people would like to believe, especially when they consider Jewel as beautiful and intelligent, new traits that can quickly endear anyone.

Preserving a Special Bond

Costner expressed concern that the ongoing rumours could potentially damage their friendship, stressing the special bond they share and his desire to preserve it untouched by media speculation.

"She's special, and I don't want these rumours to ruin our friendship because that's what we have," he explained. The rumours of a romantic connection began after TMZ published photographs of Costner and Jewel looking cosy together in the British Virgin Islands in December.

Reports by PEOPLE at the time suggested a mutual attraction, describing their relationship as "fresh but not brand new." This media buzz coincided closely with the finalization of Costner's divorce in February, adding fuel to the speculative fire.

In contrast, Jewel has remained elusive about the details of their interactions. Speaking to Elle, the four-time Grammy nominee acknowledged the intense public fascination with her association with Costner but chose to keep details private, simply noting, "He's a great person." Amidst dealing with public scrutiny, Costner revealed that even his children had been influenced by the rumours, forcing him to address the misconceptions directly with them.

His personal life remains a subject of public intrigue even as he continues his professional endeavours, including the promotion of his new film "Horizon: An American Saga," which he wrote and directed, set to release in theatres next week.

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