Austin Butler Details On-Set Motorcycle Crash: 'Just Thought of Bike'

Austin Butler navigates daring stunts and public romance gracefully

by Zain ul Abedin
Austin Butler Details On-Set Motorcycle Crash: 'Just Thought of Bike'
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While Austin Butler’s cinematic experience on ‘The Bikeriders’ was all about action and in its purest form, it also came with certain risks. In a recent interview with PEOPLE on June 17, during the premiere held in Los Angeles, Butler shared a terrifying experience that occurred on the set that could have been a total disaster.

The 32-year-old actor was in a night chase when he went plunging a motorcycle out of control due to a layer of wet leaves. “We were in the middle of a night scene and there was some water on the ground behind the canopy of leaves, and I skidded,” Butler explained.

Luckily, he was quick enough to grab for the rail, thus minimizing the chances of getting a serious knock or fall. While the incident made Butler nervous, his primary concern was for the motorcycle, reflecting a passion for biking.

All I was thinking about was the bike, though," he adds. "I just wanted to make sure that it was okay”. Interestingly, this film project is very dear to Butler as it has something to do with his father’s side.

He continued, “My dad rode motorcycles, so I think... It's been cool to get to talk about my dad a lot recently because he gave me that first love of motorcycles. ” The movie “The Bikeriders” which shows the development of a Midwestern motorcycle club to a formidable group, has been a ‘heart-string-tugging experience’ for Butler.

He has grown closer to his father, David Butler, partly because they share a similar interest in motorcycles.

Romance and Risk

David Butler, who is obviously looking forward to watching the film, encouraged his son’s expected dangerous stunts when cycling by supporting him to feature in the risky scenes.

Butler arrived at the premiere alone. However, he was joined by his girlfriend, Kaia Gerber at the afterparty. Siri and Remi have been an item since December last year; therefore, they were not shy to show affection to one another.

They kissed, hugged and together, were holding hands, which Entertainment Weekly captured in a video at TLC Chinese Theatre. An insider said the following in May before they went out for dinner: “They held hands the entire way to dinner and stopped and hugged a few times before going into a club.

” Here, Austin Butler also remembers the thrilling yet tough scenes while filming ‘The Bikeriders’ and his eagerness to present this kind-touch yet powerful role that is beloved to him and especially his father.

Indeed, it could be said that this set of characteristics is evident in Butler’s previous experiences and that this blend of personal passion and professional dedication makes Butler’s latest role particularly significant.

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