Kevin Costner on His 'Beautiful Life' and Career: 'I Follow My Heart'

Exploring Kevin Costner's resilience and dedication in Hollywood

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Costner on His 'Beautiful Life' and Career: 'I Follow My Heart'
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The PEOPLE magazine cover story features a candid interview of Kevin Costner. He discusses his various endeavours and experiences on and off the set in the context of his active career that has spanned four decades. At 69, Costner continues to captivate audiences, not only as an actor but also as a director and writer, particularly with his latest endeavor, "Horizon: Such is a storyline of the Western-style drama “ An American Saga”.

Presented in two parts this summer, this project reveals McQueen’s passion as a director, co-writer, and actor. Though often perceived to be a strongman of Hollywood, Costner still has a very real life which we all can connect to.

He modestly refers to himself, half seriously, as an Uber guy, with the responsibility of making sure that his three youngest children, Cayden, Hayes and Grace, are ferried through their myriad activities. Regarding this task, he furiously emphasizes that it is a primary work, which shows that despite his work - orientedness, he has a family-oriented mindset.

Costner's Passionate Journey

Costner’s story is closely entwined with his acting career, narrating his making a more intentional career and life choice. With critics’ scorn hanging over him like a winter fog, giving $38 million of his own money to “Horizon,” he moves through the pressure of Hollywood with a mesmeric determination informed by the passion that has been the constant in his success.

He re-evaluates what he has learnt about the work attitude down the father’s line and that of passion for doing what one loves, which saw him through a shaky start to become part of successful movies of The Untouchables and Field of Dreams.

The feature film “Dances with Wolves,” his directorial debut, not only garnered Bertinetti Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture but also subsequently proved he had the talent to appeal to the moviegoer and to trust his intuition.

This trust is also reflected in his real-life choices, where he manages family and career commitments as well as demonstrated in his recent weighty procedure of a divorce while working on his movie projects.

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