Federal Indictment: Mass Shooting Planned at Bad Bunny Concert in Atlanta

FBI Thwarts Planned Attack at Bad Bunny Concert, Arrests Suspect.

by Nouman Rasool
Federal Indictment: Mass Shooting Planned at Bad Bunny Concert in Atlanta
© Marleen Moise/Getty Images

An Arizona man has been federally indicted for allegedly planning a mass shooting at a Bad Bunny concert in Atlanta, a plot uncovered by the FBI aimed to incite racial violence ahead of the presidential election. Mark Adams Prieto, 58, faces serious charges, including firearms trafficking and possession of an unregistered firearm, linked to his supposed intention to target African Americans and other minorities.

The indictment, detailed by federal authorities, came after a lengthy investigation spurred by a tip-off to the FBI in October. The source, acquainted with Prieto from Arizona gun shows, revealed disturbing remarks by Prieto expressing a desire to "incite a race war." This alarming intent seemed to climax around the scheduled performances of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny at the State Farm Arena on May 14 and 15, aligning with the dates Prieto marked for his attack.

Detailed Attack Blueprint

Prieto's plan was reportedly elaborate, involving the recruitment of accomplices to carry out the violence. By January, he had moved to discuss potential logistics with a new associate—who was actually an undercover FBI agent—and another informant.

These conversations included the types of weapons to be used and travel arrangements, indicating a detailed blueprint for the attack. Further intensifying the case, during a March gun show, Prieto confirmed his plans to the undercover agent and sold him an AR-15 for $1,000, specifically for use in the shooting.

His arrest on May 14, on a New Mexico interstate while he was allegedly en route to visit his mother, revealed more firearms in his vehicle and at his home. This chilling episode highlights a disturbing potential for violence intersecting with major public events, reflecting broader national tensions.

The authorities' swift action underscores the ongoing threat of hate-fueled violence and the importance of vigilance and intelligence in thwarting such plots. Representatives for Bad Bunny have yet to respond to requests for comment on the case, leaving the music and broader entertainment community to grapple with the implications of this thwarted tragedy.