Inside Jennifer Lopez's Strange Staffing Requirements

“I know people who worked at a casino and were instructed to completely avoid eye contact with J.Lo.“

by Sead Dedovic
Inside Jennifer Lopez's Strange Staffing Requirements
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Jennifer Lopez has been someone who attracts enormous attention from the very first day of her career. Her life is often the target of various tabloids and magazines eager to find out what is happening in the life of this 54-year-old singer. Her marriage to Ben Affleck particularly draws everyone's attention.

Singer Jennifer Lopez (54) has recently been in the spotlight due to alleged marital problems with Ben Affleck. Reports suggest that the couple hasn't been living together for some time, and many believe they might divorce. Amid these marital issues, rumors and claims have emerged about J.Lo being a 'diva' with bizarre demands for her staff, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources claim that J.Lo has a rule that none of her staff or assistants are allowed to look her in the eyes. 

“One of our friends worked on the lighting for her concert. All the workers were given strict instructions: Do not look at Mrs. Lopez. No eye contact is allowed,” one source wrote on social media. Another added:

“I know people who worked at a casino and were instructed to completely avoid eye contact with J.Lo. They still laugh about it today because much bigger celebrities have come in and were much nicer and friendlier.”

J.Lo has allegedly imposed the same rule on her limousine drivers. "They can't even look at her in the rearview mirrors," sources claim.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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An American podcast host also shared her story about Jennifer and her bizarre rule.

“I have a friend who worked on sound for a J.Lo project, and she kicked him out. She stopped the entire production just because he looked her in the eyes,” she said. J.Lo reportedly had similar demands for the staff at a ski resort in California.

Media personality Meghan McCain called Lopez a "deeply unpleasant person." Meghan interviewed the singer in 2019 and did not have a good experience, as she recounted recently on her podcast 'Citizen McCain.' She told Jennifer to "get grounded" and shared that the experience was not pleasant.

“I actually feel bad now because I feel like J.Lo is being bullied right now, and I don't want to add to that. But she is just a deeply unpleasant person. She had the largest entourage I've ever seen with a celebrity. More than Kim Kardashian, more than a president... I really don’t understand why it's necessary,” she said. 

The podcast featured Carlos King, who was surprised by her claims as he had good experiences with Jennifer, but Meghan disagreed.

“J.Lo doesn't have a reputation for being a good and normal person. I'm not revealing anything new,” McCain added.

Fans have approached these reports with caution, unsure of their honesty. Nevertheless, if it is true that Lopez exhibits such behavior, it is indeed disappointing. Of course, no one can deny that Lopez is a major star and a person who has achieved tremendous success. Despite her accomplishments, many believe it is essential to remain grounded, even when one reaches the level of fame she has. Jennifer Lopez has not yet responded to these allegations and statements, but there is no doubt that the celebrated singer will have a well-prepared response. The expectation is that she will address these concerns and provide clarity on the situation, maintaining her position as a respected and admired figure in the public eye.

Affleck and Lopez divorce

All the world's media are buzzing about the rumored divorce of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Speculation has been circulating for a while, fired by their frequent public arguments and Ben's consistently angry and nervous appearance in photos.

The rumors gained more traction last month when J.Lo appeared alone at the Met Gala. Following that, she attended several more events without her husband, further intensifying the gossip. Recently, she has been promoting her upcoming tour solo, which has only added to the speculation about the state of their marriage.

Let us remember, Ben and Jennifer were engaged over 20 years ago, and then in November 2022, they confirmed they were engaged again after being apart for two decades. Both had children and built families with others, but then they realized they were meant to be together.

Although it seemed like they made the right move and that their love was flourishing, rumors about their divorce cast doubt on whether it was truly the right decision.

Recently, Ben was seen spending time with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, after they celebrated their son Samuel's 12th birthday.

We do not intend to delve into details, but I have no doubt that in the coming weeks we might get answers to various questions, including those regarding their marriage.

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