Billy Crystal Jokes About De Niro's Skills: "Is That All?"

Revisiting a classic comedy with Crystal and De Niro

by Zain ul Abedin
Billy Crystal Jokes About De Niro's Skills: "Is That All?"
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Gayle King recently hosted a memorable reunion at Spring Studios' Indeed Theater in New York City, where the iconic duo of Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal came together for a lively conversation and Q&A session. This event, held on June 14, followed a screening of their 1999 hit comedy, "Analyze This," much to the delight of fans and attendees.

The evening was filled with laughter and nostalgia as the stars shared insights from their time on set. Billy Crystal, aged 76, recalled a particular moment early in the shooting when De Niro, now 80, approached him with a humble request for feedback on his comedic performance.

De Niro, embodying the discretion of his mafia character, whispered to Crystal, encouraging him to suggest any improvements that could enhance the humor in his portrayal. Crystal, moved by De Niro’s openness and generosity, took him up on this offer during one of their initial scenes together.

Playing a reluctant patient to Crystal's therapist, De Niro delivered his lines with a disinterested demeanor, true to his character's reluctance to therapy. After the director called cut, Crystal teasingly asked De Niro, "Is that all you got?" The moment broke the ice, leading to continuous laughter throughout the filming process, making it challenging yet enjoyable to complete the scenes.

"Analyze This" Dynamics

"Analyze This" features De Niro as Paul Vitti, a mob boss who unexpectedly suffers a panic attack and seeks the expertise of a psychiatrist, Ben Sobel, portrayed by Crystal. The film humorously explores the dynamics between the unlikely pair, leading to a series of comedic misunderstandings and, eventually, a mutual respect.

The cast also includes notable performances by Lisa Kudrow and Chazz Palminteri. The movie was not only a critical success but also a commercial hit, topping the box office during its opening weekend and later inspiring a sequel, "Analyze That," in 2002.

The sequel continues the adventures of Vitti as he transitions from prison back into everyday life under the care of his trusted psychiatrist. Beyond the silver screen, the friendship between De Niro and Crystal has endured over the years.

In 2022, they were seen together in New York, and more recently, in 2023, Crystal shared with PEOPLE magazine his excitement about De Niro's personal life. Just weeks before De Niro and his partner Tiffany Chen welcomed their daughter Gia, Crystal expressed his admiration for the couple's relationship, describing it as "beautiful" and filled with love.