Trump Calls for Cognitive Duel with Biden, Misnames His Own Doctor

Trump slips during speech urging Biden to take cognitive test.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Calls for Cognitive Duel with Biden, Misnames His Own Doctor
© Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

At a recent speech in Detroit, former President Donald Trump called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, only to mistakenly refer to his examiner by the wrong name, highlighting a slip that quickly became fodder for online commentary.

Trump, speaking at a Turning Point Action convention, emphasized his concerns about Biden's mental fitness, a recurring theme in his campaign speeches and social media posts. However, his reference to Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson as "Ronny Johnson" sparked immediate reactions across the political spectrum.

Trump's blunder occurred during his critique of Biden's understanding of economic issues, specifically inflation. "He doesn't even know what the word 'inflation' means. I think he should take a cognitive test like I did," Trump declared before erroneously naming Jackson, his former White House physician and a staunch ally.

Jackson, who transitioned from medicine to politics, serving as a congressman since 2021, was described by Trump in the speech as the one who assessed him as "the healthiest president" ever, an accolade Trump humorously cherished.

Trump's Age-Focused Attack

This incident comes as Trump, who celebrated his 78th birthday recently, continues to question whether 81-year-old Biden is physically and mentally equipped for another term in office. The Biden campaign, which has consistently countered claims about Biden's verbal slips, promptly highlighted Trump's mistake by sharing the clip on various media platforms.

In 2018, Trump underwent the Montreal Cognitive Assessment at his request—a decision shared with the public by Jackson. The test, aimed at detecting cognitive impairments, includes challenges like memory recall, reverse sequence tasks, and timed language generation, which Trump reportedly aced, later bragging about his memory recall sequence: "Person.

Woman. Man. Camera. TV." Moreover, during the same event, Trump referenced a controversial video clip from the recent G7 summit, where Biden is depicted turning away from other leaders to watch skydivers. Trump mischaracterized Biden's actions as him aimlessly looking at trees, an embellishment that drew laughter from his audience.

The Biden team responded by criticizing the manipulation of the video, asserting it was edited to misrepresent the situation. This back-and-forth over cognitive abilities and missteps underscores the heightened scrutiny both leaders face as they navigate the complexities of U.S.

politics and their capacities in the public eye. As the campaign trail heats up, these exchanges are likely to become more frequent as each side aims to cast doubts on the other's suitability for the presidency.