Judge Permits Alex Jones to Liquidate Assets for Sandy Hook Defamation Debts

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones faces financial upheaval amid lawsuits.

by Nouman Rasool
Judge Permits Alex Jones to Liquidate Assets for Sandy Hook Defamation Debts
© Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

In a pivotal court ruling on Friday, a federal bankruptcy judge approved Alex Jones' move to liquidate his assets amidst financial turmoil following his media company's severe setbacks in defamation lawsuits. This decision by Judge Christopher Lopez of the Southern District of Texas marks a significant shift from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This transition authorizes an interim trustee to manage and sell Jones' properties. The legal manoeuvre comes as Jones, the notorious founder of Infowars faces increasing pressures following the loss of several high-profile defamation cases related to his controversial statements about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Jones was found liable for defamation against families of victims for his statements that the the killing of 20 children and six adults on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut a hoax.

Jones' Asset Liquidation

Jones' lawyer, Vickie Driver, revealed that she intends to liquidate prominent particularly Jones' $2.8 million Texas ranch to pay part of the vast $1.5 billion in damages owed to the Sandy Hook families during a hearing later this month.

These families have vigorously pursued justice, pushing for a permanent trustee to ensure asset preservation and prevent further devaluation amid Jones' erratic financial manoeuvres. In addition to his legal woes, Jones has exhibited unpredictable behaviour, urging his audience to buy nutritional supplements from a site linked to his father, leveraging the Infowars brand.

This move, according to the families' legal filings, represents a deliberate attempt to siphon resources from his beleaguered company, Free Speech Systems, under the guise of supporting future business initiatives. Despite Jones' assertions of minimal personal wealth beyond his ability to sell merchandise, his critics argue that his actions reflect a strategic effort to circumvent financial responsibilities.

This includes his previous attempts to use bankruptcy protection as a shield against the substantial financial repercussions imposed by the courts. As Jones faces the reality of his media empire's potential collapse, he remains defiant, vowing to support his venture until its final demise.

His recent statements on his show hinted at an ominous end to Infowars, as he metaphorically described staying with the "ship" until it sinks completely, only then to transition to a new venture.