James Gunn Unveils Vision for 'Creature Commandos' at Annecy

Discover Amanda Waller's new strategy in animated DC adventures

by Zain ul Abedin
James Gunn Unveils Vision for 'Creature Commandos' at Annecy
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

James Gunn, acclaimed filmmaker and co-head of DC Studios, recently shared his enthusiastic vision for the upcoming animated series "Creature Commandos" during a presentation at the Annecy Animation Festival. Although Gunn could not attend in person due to his commitments in Atlanta shooting the new Superman movie, his excitement was palpable through a video message.

"Creature Commandos" is set to make its debut on Max in December, marking Gunn's first project since assuming leadership at DC Studios alongside Peter Safran. The series, produced by DC Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, features a unique ensemble of monstrous characters under the command of Amanda Waller, voiced by Viola Davis.

This project not only entertains but also plays a crucial role in the overarching narrative strategy Gunn and Safran have envisioned for DC’s universe. Gunn's strategy involves harmonizing DC's film, television, animation, and gaming sectors under one unified vision, ensuring character and story continuity across all platforms.

"Our characters can move in and out of animation, jump into a game, or onto the big screen, maintaining the same character, history, and actor," Gunn explained.

Waller's Monstrous Team

In "Creature Commandos," Waller, previously portrayed by Davis in live-action formats such as the Suicide Squad films and the "Peacemaker" series, finds herself restricted from utilizing human operatives.

The series picks up right where "Peacemaker" left off, with Waller assembling a new team of monstrous misfits to carry out high-stakes, morally ambiguous missions without endangering human lives. This fresh team differs significantly from her previous squads; these are literal monsters, adding a thrilling twist to the DC universe.

Gunn expressed profound joy in developing the series, stating, "Creating this series has been one of the absolute joys of my life." The Annecy presentation included not only Gunn's insights but also featured character artwork and exclusive footage, presented by Warner Bros. Animation executive Peter Girardi and other panel members.