Henry Winkler Turns Real-Life Hero in Hotel Fire Drama

Henry Winkler evacuated during unexpected hotel fire in Dublin

by Zain ul Abedin
Henry Winkler Turns Real-Life Hero in Hotel Fire Drama
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Henry Winkler, the iconic actor renowned for his portrayal of "The Fonz" on the beloved series Happy Days, recently found himself in a real-life emergency scenario. While staying at the prestigious Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, Winkler was among the guests hastily evacuated due to a fire alarm.

The incident unfolded as Winkler, in town to promote his memoir Being Henry: The Fonz… and Beyond, experienced the startling blare of the fire alarm. Initially mistaking the sound for his clock radio, the 78-year-old actor soon realized the gravity of the situation.

"When I heard the fire alarm, I thought it was the clock radio," Winkler recounted. "I didn’t realize it was actually a real fire alarm until I went into another room and could still hear the buzzing." Taking immediate action, Winkler contacted the front desk to clarify the situation.

"I called downstairs and the woman said in a very calm voice: ‘Yes! We’re all evacuating! You must evacuate right now!’. " he explained, emphasizing the urgency conveyed by the hotel staff.

Star Amidst Strangers

Amid the chaos, Winkler's presence at the scene caught the attention of an RTE broadcaster reporting on the emergency.

Unaware of the actor's celebrity status, the reporter approached Winkler as just another evacuee, seeking his insights on the unfolding drama. This moment highlighted the surreal nature of the situation, where a Hollywood star stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other guests, equally affected by the unforeseen disruption.

After the evacuation, Winkler took to social media to express his gratitude towards the first responders, sharing a photo of himself with three firefighters. "Firemen are some of my favorite human beings," he told RTE. "Firemen and firewomen.

They run in when other people are running out." His heartfelt appreciation underscored the bravery and critical role of firefighters in crises. The incident not only served as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of emergencies but also showcased Winkler's humble demeanor and respect for those who ensure public safety.

As he continues his visit in Ireland, promoting his book and sharing his life's journey, this episode adds yet another intriguing chapter to the narrative of Henry Winkler - beyond his famed leather jacket and cool demeanor.