Seth Meyers Clarifies Biden Jokes: No Comparison to 'Demented Criminal'

Exploring comedic takes on political figures and elections.

by Nouman Rasool
Seth Meyers Clarifies Biden Jokes: No Comparison to 'Demented Criminal'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Late-night host Seth Meyers, known for his sharp wit, recently introduced a pointed "disclaimer" during his show as he navigated the sensitive terrain of political humour—specifically, jokes about President Joe Biden's age.

Meyers, addressing the audience with a mix of comedy and seriousness, emphasized that there should be "no equivalency" between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Meyers started the segment by addressing the expected backlash from his jokes about Biden's age, especially after recent viral incidents like the President tripping and hesitating at public events.

"Now, a quick disclaimer for anybody mad about my Biden-is-old jokes," Meyers said. "He's the most powerful man in the world. He can take a joke." He then sharply contrasted Biden's occasional signs of ageing with Trump's more controversial statements and actions, describing the latter as a "demented 77-year-old criminal who claims dead people rigged the election and fears electric boat batteries could attract sharks."

Election Humor Highlighted

The comedian also used his platform to remind viewers of the stark choices in the upcoming election, quipping about preferring "stone-cold Joe Biden over a hot dog salesman who's only got two left to sell." This humour underscores the binary nature of electoral choices, encapsulating the serious decision voters face with a light-hearted touch.

Meyers's commentary extends beyond the bounds of his show. It is part of a broader trend where late-night hosts openly express their political affiliations and use their platforms to influence public opinion. In February, Biden himself appeared on Meyers's show, engaging in a friendly interview that included light-hearted banter about his age and a shared outing for ice cream, showcasing the more personable side of politics.

Other hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are also actively participating in political discourse, hosting fundraisers and aligning themselves with candidates, reflecting a blending of entertainment and political advocacy that resonates with modern audiences.

Through these segments, Meyers not only entertains but also shapes the political landscape, highlighting the role of comedians in today's politically charged environment. His approach—using humour to soften critiques while underscoring serious issues—demonstrates the evolving influence of late-night television on American politics.