Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump, Likens Him to Hunter Biden on Air

New legal revelations stir political drama in Washington

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump, Likens Him to Hunter Biden on Air
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel sparked conversation with his latest remarks, drawing a striking comparison between former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden during his show. Kimmel’s commentary came on the heels of Trump's admission that he possessed a firearm, a revelation made during his probation interview after his conviction in a New York City trial on May 31.

Trump, the first convicted former president, disclosed he had three firearms, two of which were relinquished to the NYPD in March, while the third was legally transferred to Florida. This admission raises potential legal concerns, possibly impacting his parole with another felony charge.

Kimmel quipped, "Who does this guy think he is, Hunter Biden?" linking Trump's situation with that of the president's son, who also made headlines this week. Hunter Biden faced his legal challenges, becoming the first sitting president's child to be convicted of felony gun charges.

The juxtaposition of both high-profile cases highlights ongoing legal and political dramas that captivate the nation.

Trump's Legal Quagmire

Trump’s response to his son’s conviction through his press secretary criticized the trial as a mere diversion from the alleged misdeeds of the "Biden Crime Family." This statement underscores the former president's narrative of a politicized justice system, alleging orchestration by Joe Biden himself.

Amidst these developments, Trump's gun license was suspended last year and is now slated for revocation following his conviction. Kimmel humorously pondered the necessity of Trump owning a gun, given his Secret Service protection, and even joked about Trump’s capability to handle a firearm, alluding to past claims about his small hands.

As the legal and political drama unfolds, Trump awaits his sentencing on July 11, with Hunter Biden's sentencing yet to be scheduled. Kimmel’s biting humor underscores the bizarre reality of two parallel legal battles involving some of the most prominent figures in American politics.