John Fetterman Faulted for Speeding in Crash That Hospitalized Him and Wife

Senator Fetterman's High-Speed Collision Examined.

by Nouman Rasool
John Fetterman Faulted for Speeding in Crash That Hospitalized Him and Wife
© Nathan Howard/Getty Images

The same publication further reported that Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman "was seriously injured in a car accident on Interstate 70 in Maryland, and he, along with his wife Gisele Barreto Fetterman, was hospitalized." The police report obtained by USA TODAY showed that the Democratic senator was driving a Chevrolet Traverse "at a high rate of speed, well over the posted speed limit" when the incidents happened, ramming into a Chevrolet Impala.

Owing to its placement early Sunday morning, the accident has had massive attention drawn to it. The posted speed limit on that span of the interstate is 70 miles per hour, but Fetterman was traveling at a much higher rate of speed, police said.

Though the crash was severe, Maryland State Police reiterated that Fetterman nor the 62-year-old female driver of the Impala was tested for alcohol or substance use immediately following the crash. Thus far, no citations have been issued and the investigation continues.

Fetterman's Relief Expressed

According to a statement by Fetterman, he was relieved nobody in the crash was injured worse. "This was an unfortunate accident, and I'm relieved and grateful that there were no serious injuries." I need to do better and do it slower – and I will," he stated.

Fetterman himself suffered a bruised shoulder but was discharged from the hospital on the same day along with his wife. However, details about any injuries Gisele might have sustained were not disclosed. The crash also affected others on the road.

A passenger traveling with Fetterman was in the car, identified as an Impala, along with the other car's driver. The men were taken to West Virginia's War Memorial Hospital for medical checkups. "On Sunday morning, John and Gisele were in a car accident with another driver.

Out of an abundance of caution, they were checked at a local hospital," said the spokesperson for Fetterman's office. John was treated for a bruised shoulder, and they were discharged that afternoon. They are doing well and happy to be back in Braddock." As the investigation continues, the incident raises questions about road safety and the responsibilities of public figures while behind the wheel. With no citations issued yet, the focus remains on the ongoing investigation and the outcomes it may bring.