Russell Crowe Uneasy About 'Gladiator' Sequel: Cites Key Concerns

Russell Crowe Shares Mixed Feelings on 'Gladiator' Sequel's Direction.

by Nouman Rasool
Russell Crowe Uneasy About 'Gladiator' Sequel: Cites Key Concerns
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Russell Crowe, who appeared in Ridley Scott's now-classic 2000 film "Gladiator," has weighed in on the new sequel, which is expected to hit theatres later this year. While the original enjoyed lasting success, Crowe's character, Decimus Meridius, died at the end of that film, meaning he's out for any appearances in the sequel.

Crowe, in a frank chat on the "Kyle Meredith With…" podcast, shared his discomfort with the new sequel. "I'm slightly uncomfortable with the fact they're making another one—because, of course, I'm dead, and I have no say in what gets done," he remarked.

Crowe highlighted specific details about the sequel that mainly concern him, stating, "A couple of things I've heard I'm like—no, no, no, that's not in the moral journey of that particular character. But I can't say anything; it's not my place; I'm six feet under."

Russell Crowe: Nostalgia & Envy

Reflecting on his career trajectory post-"Gladiator," Crowe shared a mix of nostalgia and envy. "It does, in a funny way—I reflect the age I was when I made that film and all the things that came after it, the doors that particular movie opened for me," he explained.

Despite his monumental success, Crowe admitted feeling "a tinge of melancholy, a tinge of jealousy," humorously adding, "I remember when I had tendons." Crowe's connection to the "Gladiator" saga has remained strong over the years.

In a previous 2023 interview with Collider, he confessed feeling "slightly jealous" about not participating in the new project. "The only thing that I really feel about it is slightly jealous, you know? It changed the way people regarded me and what I do for a living," he said.

The actor acknowledged the profound impact the original film had on his career, noting its "longevity" and the enduring legacy it established in Hollywood. Set several years after the events of the original, the "Gladiator" sequel introduces Paul Mescal as Lucius, initially portrayed by Spencer Treat Clark.

Lucius, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and the nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), is expected to lead the narrative forward, promising a fresh perspective on the storied Roman setting. Crowe's enduring affection for the original film, coupled with his critique of the sequel, highlights the complex emotions involved in revisiting such a pivotal project without his direct involvement.

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