Jesse Plemons on Matt Damon Lookalike Claims: 'It's Been Haunting Me'

Jesse Plemons shares a humorous yet poignant career anecdote

by Zain ul Abedin
Jesse Plemons on Matt Damon Lookalike Claims: 'It's Been Haunting Me'
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Jesse Plemons humorously addressed his uncanny resemblance to Matt Damon during a memorable appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Following a comedic mix-up by Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel's trusty sidekick, Plemons found himself momentarily mistaken for Damon, who has a playful ban from the show.

The actor, renowned for his role in "Breaking Bad," shared a lighthearted anecdote about being identified as Damon at the Toronto Film Festival a decade ago, much to his surprise and slight dismay. Despite not seeing the resemblance himself, Plemons humorously recounted, “It has been haunting me for a little while,” referring to a childhood memory when his aunt predicted he would grow up to look like Damon after watching "Good Will Hunting." This ongoing comparison peaked when a woman at the festival steadfastly believed he was Damon, leaving Plemons to navigate the awkward situation with grace and humor.

Kimmel seized the moment to jest about the potential mischief they could cause due to Plemons’ resemblance to Damon, suggesting they could tarnish the actor’s reputation in a comically villainous escapade involving Dunkin' Donut suits and exaggerated misdeeds.

Plemons' Lost Role Revealed

The interview also revisited a lesser-known moment from Plemons' early career: his brief, ultimately cut role in the 2000 film "All the Pretty Horses," originally intended to feature him as a younger version of Damon’s character.

This professional setback became a poignant personal story as Plemons recounted organizing a special screening of the film, only to discover his part had been edited out. Beyond the laughs and nostalgic reflections, Plemons expressed his admiration for Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of his latest film "Kinds of Kindness," describing him as a "crazy genius." This film, which earned Plemons the Best Actor award at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, features a stellar ensemble cast including Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe, and presents a narrative woven with themes of destiny, choice, and profound human connections.

"Kinds of Kindness," set for release on June 21, promises a compelling exploration of fate and agency, further showcasing Plemons' versatility and depth as an actor in a story that mirrors the intricacies of its characters' lives.

This blend of personal anecdotes with professional achievements not only enriches Plemons' public persona but also highlights the intricate ways in which art and life often intersect, resonating with audiences and critics alike.

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