Kevin Costner Seals Fox Deal Post 'Yellowstone 150' Success

Fox Nation diversifies with Scorsese series, Costner films

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Costner Seals Fox Deal Post 'Yellowstone 150' Success
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Kevin Costner is set to star in a new series on Fox Nation slated for release in early 2025, Axios reports. This venture marks an expansion of Fox Nation's content beyond its traditional news and opinion format. It offers a platform for celebrities like Costner to explore passion projects centered on themes such as faith, outdoor life, and true crime - interests that resonate with the American heartland.

Previously, Costner appeared on Fox Nation with "Yellowstone One Fifty," a 2022 docuseries celebrating the sesquicentennial of Yellowstone National Park. This series significantly boosted subscriptions, with Fox News Media’s chief digital and marketing officer, Jason Klarman, noting it attracted "hundreds of thousands" of new viewers.

Currently, Fox Nation boasts around 2 million paid subscribers, with content categories like comedy, faith, true crime, and American history seeing substantial growth.

Costner's Frontier Epics

In a recent development, Fox Nation announced a collaboration with Martin Scorsese to produce an eight-part series on various saints, featuring historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Francis of Assisi, further diversifying its programming.

Parallel to his new series, Costner is immersed in creating "Horizon," a four-movie epic that explores the complexities of American frontier life following his tenure on the hit TV series "Yellowstone." In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Costner shared insights into the project, emphasizing the dramatic, often overlooked aspects of the pioneer era.

He highlighted the formidable challenges faced by early settlers and the crucial role of women, whose contributions he aims to underscore in his films. Costner's narrative does not shy away from the darker aspects of America's westward expansion, including the cultural clashes and displacement of indigenous peoples.

He is committed to presenting a balanced view that acknowledges these historical realities, ensuring a more comprehensive portrayal of this pivotal era in American history.

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