Kate Winslet and James Cameron Deny 'Titanic' Feud Rumors

Winslet's record-breaking feat and reunion with Cameron spotlighted.

by Nouman Rasool
Kate Winslet and James Cameron Deny 'Titanic' Feud Rumors
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Kate Winslet and James Cameron have finally crushed rumors of a long-standing 'feud' as they sat together for their first joint interview. "There was never a rift between us," explained Cameron, 69, to Variety during their June 12 profile of Winslet, 48.

The British actress, he says, went through postpartum depression after releasing her from Titanic and life as her character Rose after a few years. "She takes it seriously, and her talent carries a burden," Cameron admitted.

It all started in 1997, after the release of Titanic, when Winslet made the remarks without any qualms. Around that time, there appeared an interviewed her in the Los Angeles Times, where she had been quoted saying, "I'll have to be paid much money to work with Cameron again" and describing his temper as "genuinely frightening." All this, Winslet now feels, in retrospect, sort of gave a negative tinge to a warm and genuine relationship that they shared.

"And part of me feels almost sad that stupid Titanic stuff then really for quite a while overshadowed, you know, the actual relationship I have with him," she said.

Winslet's Underwater Triumph

The two would cross each other's professional paths again in Avatar: The Way of Water, Cameron's November 2022 film, where, to cap the experience, despite having famously sworn after being shot almost indefinitely on Titanic that she would never do another wet film again, Winslet dove into the deep end and, importantly, learned to free-dive for the part.

Indeed, she broke the record from Tom Cruise in executing a scene holding her breath underwater; this shot took seven minutes and 14 seconds straight. "Poor Tom," Winslet joked to USA Today, notating that his six-minute record while on Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation had just been bested.

Cameron lauded Winslet's willpower, commenting that it has nothing to do with the body but was all in the mind how she succeeded in free diving". He reportedly told the media that he congratulated Winslet and also has been praising co-star Sigourney Weaver in that they both have superb mind-body control, and that is why both are happening with their acting.

After being convinced to give it another go for yet another Avatar installment, Winslet has confessed that the experience proved to be a bit of an eye-opener when it came to what her body could be put through. "I think we all decide these things about what our bodies are capable of and our minds are capable of," she said.

"It gives one a sense of incredible hope about all the things I might still be able to try and do." This news glares the reuniting of Winslet and Cameron, their mutual respect, and the guilt-inspiring physical feat of Winslet to bring to cheerful ending numberless speculations.

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