Fans Criticize Jennifer Aniston's Face: Renowned Surgeon Offers Explanation

Actress Jennifer Aniston has found herself under the criticism following her recent appearance at the Emmy FYC event

by Sead Dedovic
Fans Criticize Jennifer Aniston's Face: Renowned Surgeon Offers Explanation
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Jennifer Aniston is an actress who has been capturing attention since the beginning of her career. Her stunning appearance, charisma, and acting talents are the reasons she has a massive fan base and why so many people follow her. Her life is a subject of interest for many, as Aniston knows how to attract attention in the best possible way. However, it seems that this time, she didn't intend to draw attention in this manner.

Actress Jennifer Aniston has found herself under the criticism following her recent appearance at the Emmy FYC event held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Observers have been quick to note what appears to be a cosmetic procedure gone wrong, sparking discussions both online and offline. Adding fuel to the fire, a famous doctor has offered his professional opinion on the matter.

Jennifer Aniston
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Reports emerged in late March of Aniston leaving the office of renowned expert Neil A. Gordon at his center, The Retreat At Split Rock, located in Greenwich, Connecticut. While the purpose of her visit remains unknown, speculations have run uncontrolled.

Despite Aniston's usual association with a youthful visage and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, the collective response to her 'new' look has been one of surprise, with many convinced that she underwent a procedure that didn't generate the expected results. Social media platforms have been flooded with critiques and negative remarks, and Dr Richard Devine has stepped forward to share his insights.

Devine believes that Aniston made a huge mistake when it comes to fillers, specifically her under-eye areas. According to the doctor, such complications are common, and Aniston is not the only one who has felt the consequences of this procedure. In moments when too much water is attracted, these outcomes often tend to be typical.

'What we're seeing here is tear trough filler gone wrong,' he said in a video.

'Complications like this happen when too much filler is injected, or when the type of product used attracts too much water — and so... the area becomes swollen.'

In the continuation of his explanation, the doctor pointed out that after this procedure, Aniston looks as if she is tired and as if she has aged.

'The filler is projecting so much that it is actually causing these shadows to form around the eyes and these deep ridges in the mid-cheek, which is actually making her look more tired and aged.'

Dr. Elie Levine, a plastic surgeon in New York City, stresses that the swelling beneath Jennifer Aniston's left eyelid was likely the result of filler injections. He mentioned that such swelling can occur whether the fillers are administered once or multiple times. Given Aniston's age of 55, Dr. Levine implied that it would be naive to think she hasn't experimented with fillers.

It is well-known that celebrities from the worlds of acting and music often opt for such procedures, which can result in disastrous consequences. This raises the question of how such outcomes are still possible in the 21st century, a time when surgeons should be more advanced and skilled than their predecessors. We don't want to delve into those areas, but it's likely that other factors also determine the outcome of a procedure. Clearly, it's difficult to guarantee that certain procedures will be successful.

It's also known that some time ago, Zac Efron's appearance caught the attention of the media and fans, as the popular actor became somewhat unrecognizable after surgical procedures. At that time, rumors circulated and questions arose: What did Zac do, and what caused such a transformation?

Fans are not happy with such surgical procedures. 

Dr. Elie Levine explains the problem

In his explanation of Aniston's appearance, Levine pointed out that situations involving swelling are rare and do not occur in the majority of patients. He believes that the cause could be the thin skin in that area or possibly the lymphatic area, which might have become irritated. As an experienced expert, he emphasizes that a solution is possible and that dissolving fillers can resolve such issues.

'This is one area where we do see some swelling in a rare number of patients. 

This may happen because the skin is very thin there, or because the lymphatic area — which drains fluids — can get irritated or compromised in a way that leads to swelling.

Sometimes dissolving fillers can help address this issue, you can also use lasers to help tighten the skin in that area.'- he said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

We will see if Aniston will resort to other procedures in the coming weeks or months to possibly resolve this issue, or if she is content with her appearance and chooses not to focus too much on the headlines and reactions.

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