Jelly Roll Continues Push for Dream Duet

Jelly Roll shares heartfelt collaboration aspirations at CMA Fest.

by Nouman Rasool
Jelly Roll Continues Push for Dream Duet
© Jason Kempin/Getty Images

During his stellar rise to fame, Jelly Roll, a four-time Billboard Country Airplay chart-topper, has collaborated with a range of celebrated artists, from the soulful tones of Lainey Wilson in "Save Me" to teaming up with Jessie Murph for "Wild Ones," and even sharing the stage with rap legend Eminem in a surprising rendition of "Sing for the Moment." However, despite these impressive partnerships, Jelly Roll's list of dream collaborations remains ambitious.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America at Nashville's CMA Fest, Jelly Roll expressed his enduring desire to work with country music icons Miley Cyrus and James Taylor. Yet, he aspires to collaborate with Garth Brooks that stands out as his ultimate goal.

“I still wanna record a song with Garth Brooks," Jelly Roll shared earnestly. "I’m still campaigning, like, don’t let my career end without me and Garth getting one in. Even if we just sung one together in a show, like, just anything with Garth, you know what I mean?”

Jelly Roll's Viral Moment

Jelly Roll's relationship with Brooks has already had memorable moments, notably at last year’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

There, Jelly Roll not only shook hands with Brooks but also embraced him in a hug so enthusiastically that he lifted the two-time Grammy winner off his feet—a moment so joyous it quickly went viral on TikTok. Further reflecting on his career and personal aspirations during the GMA interview, Jelly Roll, named CMA's new artist of the year, highlighted the importance of openness in achieving one's dreams.

"You just gotta ask for it, man. That’s what I’ve learned. If you’re honest with people about what you want, sometimes it happens,” he remarked. Jelly Roll's dream-chasing was on full display on June 8 when he headlined at Nissan Stadium in Nashville for the first time.

The Antioch, Tennessee native delivered a set that included hits like “Son of a Sinner,” “Save Me,” and introduced a new track, “I Am Not OK,” further cementing his status as a force in the music industry.

Through his persistent pursuit of collaboration and candid nature, Jelly Roll continues to inspire and entertain, proving that sometimes, sharing your dreams out loud is the first step to making them come true.