Jimmy Carter, 99, Not Awake Daily, Grandson Reveals: 'Doing His Best'

Former President Carter's serene final days in Plains, Georgia

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Carter, 99, Not Awake Daily, Grandson Reveals: 'Doing His Best'
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In Plains, Georgia, former President Jimmy Carter lives out his days in a profoundly different reality from his active years. At 99, Jimmy Carter's health remains stable yet diminished, 16 months after opting for hospice care in the home he built with his late wife Rosalynn in 1961.

His grandson, Jason Carter, shared insights with Southern Living in a rare update on the former president's condition. "There has really been no change," Jason remarked, emphasizing the stagnant nature of Jimmy's health. Despite this, the Carter family continues to cherish their time with him, although visits are now shadowed by unpredictability concerning his wakefulness.

The loss of Rosalynn Carter in November, after 77 years of marriage, left an irreplaceable void in Jimmy's life. Jason expressed, "None of us really understand what it’s like for him right now. We have to embrace that fact, that there’s things about the spirit that you just can’t understand."

Plains: A Steadfast Support

Jimmy's decision to begin hospice care at his long-time Plains residence was a poignant return to roots, reflecting a full-circle journey from this humble town to the White House and back.

Plains, a community of merely 600, has stood steadfastly by him, offering unwavering support during this solemn chapter. This support was visibly apparent during Rosalynn's memorial events, where Jimmy briefly reconnected with the community.

Reflecting on the significance of Plains, Jason added, "It’s the only place where he would go through this part of his life. That’s his home in every way." The Carters have entrusted their property to the National Park Service, planning to transform their modest abode into a museum, ensuring their legacy endures.

Jimmy Carter's narrative is quintessentially American - rising from a small town to ascend the highest office and returning to a life of simplicity and dedication. As he navigates through his final days, his legacy of service, both in and out of office, continues to resonate deeply, not just in Plains but across the nation.