Sylvester Stallone's 'The Steps' Memoir Snagged by William Morrow for 2025

Sylvester Stallone unveils memoir, blending life lessons and resilience.

by Nouman Rasool
Sylvester Stallone's 'The Steps' Memoir Snagged by William Morrow for 2025
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After a spirited bidding war, William Morrow, a HarperCollins imprint, has secured the rights to “The Steps,” an upcoming memoir by Sylvester Stallone, a renowned actor and three-time Oscar nominee. Scheduled for release next year in the U.S., the book deal, brokered by UTA, concluded with a substantial seven-figure sum, although the exact financial details remain undisclosed.

“The Steps” emerged as a standout at this year’s high-profile London Book Fair, drawing significant interest from leading non-fiction publishers. The appeal was primarily due to an excerpt from Stallone’s proposal, highlighting the memoir’s potential.

Opting for a lower offer, Stallone collaborated with Mauro DePreta and William Morrow, drawn by their genuine passion for the project.

Steps to Resilience

Described as “deeply personal,” the memoir intertwines life lessons from Stallone’s extensive career, echoing the blend of memoir and self-help found in Matthew McConaughey’s “Greenlights”.

The title, “The Steps,” cleverly references the iconic scene from the “Rocky” series, where Rocky ascends the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps. This dual meaning reflects a literal and metaphorical ascent, encapsulating Stallone’s journey of perseverance and self-belief.

Byrd Leavell, co-head of UTA Publishing, shared insights into the memoir’s conception, noting, “The title was all Sly’s idea—he wanted a title that resonated with his personal and cinematic journey, emphasizing the theme of overcoming challenges”.

In addition to the memoir, Stallone’s visibility has been heightened by “Sly,” a Netflix documentary, and his appearances on the “Unwaxed” podcast hosted by his daughters, Sistine and Sophia.

Despite his longstanding public presence, Stallone maintains a private side, which the memoir aims to explore further. Leavell expressed enthusiasm for the depth “The Steps” will offer: “Sly’s life reflects a series of personal triumphs over adversity, a theme that resonates deeply with his audience.

This memoir will enable insight that has never been given into the man’s life behind the iconic roles, deepening fans’ appreciation for his works. Stallone has enjoyed an illustrious career working on such films as the “Rocky” and “Rambo” series, not to mention “The Expendables” and “Demolition Man”.

He returned to the “Rocky” series with the 2015 reboot “Creed,” which he was hand-picked to write and direct. Most recently, he starred in the service comedy “Grunt” and has been recurring on “This Is Us”.

Stallone, who reprises his role in the upcoming “Samaritan,” continues to be a force in Hollywood. Specifically, being repped by UTA is an.

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