Ryan Reynolds Joins 'The View' Taping with Mom: 'Visiting Her Grandkids'

Ryan Reynolds surprises "The View" audience with unexpected visit.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Reynolds Joins 'The View' Taping with Mom: 'Visiting Her Grandkids'
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Even The View's hosts were shocked to find one familiar face in the crowd during Monday's show. The 47-year-old Ryan Reynolds was sitting front and center with his mom—not a scheduled guest. Halfway through the episode, Goldberg highlighted Reynolds' presence.

“You never know what’s happening here at ‘The View.’ Sometimes you look up and say, ‘Oh, this is great.’ And then you look over and go, ‘Oh snap, there’s Ryan Reynolds!’.

she exclaimed as the camera panned to the audience, showing Reynolds waving. Curious, Goldberg asked, “Just out of curiosity … how come?” While it initially seemed like a promotional stunt for “Deadpool & Wolverine,” Reynolds clarified that he was there because his mom is a show fan.

He humorously added, “By the way, this is way less stressful than up there,” referring to the difference between being a relaxed audience member and a formal guest.

Mom’s Dream Visit

Reynolds explained, “My mom is here visiting her grandkids.

And yesterday she said, ‘It’s my dream to go to “The View”. ’ I said — well, first off, I try to do what she says because you don’t know what she’s capable of. Unspeakable violence, my whole life,” he joked.

The "Deadpool" star admitted he “made a call” to make his mom’s dream come true, leveraging his status as “Blake’s husband — does that get us a little further?” referring to his wife, Blake Lively, 36.

The couple, married since 2012, share four children. Reynolds continued, “And here we are. I think my mom might have thought she would be on ‘The View’ maybe, I’m not sure”. Sitting beside him, his mother laughed and shook her head, confirming she watches the show daily.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin welcomed them warmly, saying, “You’re welcome any time, Mama Reynolds. You, as well,” pointing to Reynolds. She also invited Blake Lively, saying, “Tell Blake to come on!” The hosts were delighted by the unexpected visit and told Reynolds, “Good to see you”.

Later in the episode, comedian Jo Koy, a guest on the show, also noticed Reynolds and his mother. “Oh my God! I know her!” he joked. “Vancouver! She came to my show!” To conclude the memorable episode, the hosts invited Reynolds’ mom to deliver the iconic sign-off line, “Take a little time to enjoy ‘The View,’” from Goldberg’s chair.

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