Taylor Swift Praises Edinburgh for Record-Breaking Shows

Taylor Swift breaks attendance records at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium.

by Nouman Rasool
Taylor Swift Praises Edinburgh for Record-Breaking Shows
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On Monday, June 10, the 34-year-old singer shared a touching Instagram post to show appreciation for her fans in Edinburgh, Scotland. Swift played three shows over the weekend as part of her Eras tour. She captioned it: "Edinburgh!!!

You absolutely blew my mind this weekend. Thank you for breaking the all time attendance record for a stadium show in Scotland 3 times in a row ???? and for all the ways you made us feel right at home." Swift concluded her post by writing, "Love you, all 220,000 of you." while sharing several pictures from her performance at the capital city's Murrayfield Stadium.

Swift opened her stadium tour in the U.K. on Friday, June 7, in Edinburgh to begin the first of three back-to-back dates, closing in Edinburgh on Sunday, June 9. She's officially the record-breaker with the highest attendance ever in Murrayfield Stadium, the largest in Scotland, the fifth largest stadium in the U.K., housing 67,144 seats, according to Rugby Pass.

Record-Breaking Shows

"In a video she had posted on the show from TikTok, Swift spoke to the audience and said, 'It's been shockingly amazing in Edinburgh because every night I got to go on stage and they pulled me aside and said, You know this crowd broke the all-time stadium attendance record for all of Scotland for all of time.'

She continued, "So tonight I said, 'There's no way they can fit more people into the stadium, there's no way they can do that.' And then I was told Sunday's show is now the highest attended stadium show in Scotland — thank you!" Only a few of these record-breaking performances were coming, and Swift also had her memorable moment during her first show on Friday.

In the video on her Threads, Swift finished performing "Cardigan" and remarked to the audience, "I love performing this entire show in the sunlight because I'm pretty sure I just saw somebody getting engaged over here," to which she then added that it was the case, before mentioning the couple.

"Wow, I just saw that whole thing! That's amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that's a big moment—huge! " Three shows in Liverpool, England, and then another in Cardiff, Wales. She will take over Wembley Stadium in London from June 21 to June 23 before returning to the capital in August for five more dates.

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