Drake Flaunts Chic Soccer Dad Look at Son's Game

Drake Dazzles with Fashion Flair at Son's Soccer Game Event.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake Flaunts Chic Soccer Dad Look at Son's Game
© Cole Burston/Getty Images

Drake, the iconic Canadian rapper, recently showcased his unique soccer dad style, turning heads at his son Adonis' soccer game. The 37-year-old artist stepped out stylishly at the match, photographed by paparazzi in a series of Instagram photos posted on Sunday, June 9. Dressed immaculately, Drake opted for a cream, short-sleeved T-shirt, high-waisted with wide-leg brown trousers, and completed the look with a brown belt.

Adding a preppy elegance, he sported a sweater casually tied around his neck.

The ensemble was completed with a sleek pair of sunglasses, enhancing his dapper look.

His post's caption read, "Goats don’t worry about one trick ponies," indicating his confidence and playful spirit. This striking outfit wouldn't seem out of place at a high-profile event like the Kentucky Derby or a chic polo match, demonstrating Drake’s flair for blending style with casual fatherly duties.

Drake's Fashion Statement

Drake's post highlighted his fashion sense and drew comments from celebrity friends, including rapper Ice Spice, who succinctly commented: "Ate," applauding his look. In the photos, Drake is the central figure, but his son Adonis, aged 6, also has his moments of fame.

Adonis, dressed in a blue jersey bearing the number 25, is the player featured in the foreground of the second photo, with his proud father watching from the sidelines. Despite his young age, Adonis is already accustomed to the spotlight, having appeared in his father's 2023 music video for "8 AM in Charlotte." In the video, Adonis explains a piece of artwork describing a goat fleeing from monsters and other animals.

When Drake inquires if the placement of his name next to the goat in the artwork implies he is the 'GOAT' (Greatest Of All Time), Adonis adorably confirms it, calling his father "Daddy Goat." This endearing interaction highlights their close relationship and Drake’s influence on his son’s creative expressions.

The video also captures heartwarming scenes of Adonis dancing with his father, showcasing their bond and shared moments in the spotlight. As Drake continues to navigate his multifaceted career, his role as a father remains a significant and cherished part of his life, as evidenced by these delightful public glimpses into their family moments.