Trump Slams Faulty Rally Teleprompters, Vows Not to Pay Contractors

Former President Trump discusses election integrity at rally.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Slams Faulty Rally Teleprompters, Vows Not to Pay Contractors
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

During a sweltering rally in Las Vegas, former President Donald Trump faced off against malfunctioning teleprompters and vowed to withhold payment from the contractors responsible. This action drew attention not only to the technical glitches but also to his long-standing business practices.

Amidst the 100-degree heat, Trump humorously noted his discomfort, overshadowing concerns for the audience's well-being. As Trump tackled his speech unaided by teleprompters, he candidly shared his frustration: "I've got no teleprompters, and I haven't from the beginning," expressing dissatisfaction with the recurring issues.

His impromptu remarks highlighted his expectation of better service for the payment rendered, criticizing the setup as a "mess" and comically suggesting that his speeches might improve without the scripted aid. The rally took a more contentious turn as Trump reiterated his intention not to compensate the teleprompter team, citing their poor performance.

He quipped about the potential headlines—"Trump doesn't pay"—underscoring his refusal to settle bills for substandard work. This stance aligns with his historical approach to business dealings, where he swiftly rewards satisfactory work but sternly penalizes inadequacy.

Trump Mocks Biden

Beyond technical difficulties, Trump also took the opportunity to critique President Joe Biden's teleprompter skills, imagining a scenario where Biden would be lost without such aids, further emphasizing his adaptability.

Trump's remarks extended into an impersonation of Biden, enhancing his narrative with vivid, albeit controversial, commentary on the alleged rigging of the 2020 election. Moreover, Trump connected the rally's themes to his legal challenges, including multiple indictments across various states, which he dismissed as baseless.

Despite these legal woes, he boasted about an unprecedented surge in campaign donations post-conviction, claiming robust support that ostensibly contradicts polling data showing waning confidence among some voters. Addressing his legal predicaments, Trump criticized Special Counsel Jack Smith, leading the classified information mishandling case against him.

He dismissed Smith with derogatory remarks, portraying himself as a victim of political persecution while declaring the media's coverage biased. As Trump media for a pre-sentencing interview in New York regarding his conviction on 34 charges of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment, his rally speech intertwines his political resilience with a critique of the judicial proceedings, setting a defiant tone as he continues to navigate significant legal and public relations battles.