Will Ferrell Aims for 2024 S-xiest Man Alive: "Support Comedians!"

Ferrell charms premiere with humor and a bold wish

by Zain ul Abedin
Will Ferrell Aims for 2024 S-xiest Man Alive: "Support Comedians!"
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In a delightful twist at the 'Despicable Me 4' premiere in New York City on June 9, comedic powerhouse Will Ferrell announced his playful bid for PEOPLE's S-xiest Man Alive title. Known for his uproarious roles and impeccable comic timing, Ferrell is setting his sights on a new accolade traditionally reserved for Hollywood's heartthrobs.

At 56, Ferrell humorously claimed he was "planting the seeds" for his inclusion on the prestigious cover, a spot rarely graced by comedians. “So get it going internally, all right? S-xiest Man,” he quipped, urging the inside crowd to rally behind his unconventional campaign.

Embracing the role of Maxime Le Mal, a new character in the 'Despicable Me' franchise, Ferrell perfectly embodied the part of a “s-xy villain” at the premiere. His look was effortlessly cool, complete with dark sunglasses and an Adidas track jacket, the collar popped in true stylish rogue fashion.

He even tweaked his persona to that of a “s-xy, soccer-playing villain,” adding a playful twist to his character portrayal.

Ferrell's Cheeky Campaign

Ferrell’s campaign didn’t just stop at attire. He engaged in cheeky “subliminal” messaging throughout the event, and with a chuckle, declared his fictional Mega-Minion superpower would be “to be fluent in every language in the world”—with a side of being People Magazine's S-xiest Man of the Year.

"Come on. Vote for comedians," he urged, lightening the mood with his signature charm. Interestingly, Ferrell isn’t the first comic from his circle to vie for or receive this accolade. Paul Rudd, Ferrell’s costar from the 2004 hit 'Anchorman' and the series 'The Shrink Next Door,' was crowned PEOPLE's S-xiest Man Alive in 2021.

Rudd embraced the title with humor, joking about getting business cards made to flaunt his new status while anticipating friendly jibes from his pals. The premiere also served as a mini reunion for the 'Anchorman' team, albeit without Rudd.

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell, Ferrell’s fellow stars from the iconic comedy, joined him, rekindling memories of their cinematic camaraderie. Reflecting on the enduring legacy of 'Anchorman,' Ferrell expressed immense pride.

"And I think at the time, we couldn't believe we were getting to make such a weird, bizarre movie,” he shared with PEOPLE. Decades later, he's thrilled that the film continues to resonate and remain a part of the cultural conversation.

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