Will Smith Stuns Fans by Covertly Joining Bad Boys: Ride or Die Screening

Smith and Lawrence share laughs at LA premiere

by Zain ul Abedin
Will Smith Stuns Fans by Covertly Joining Bad Boys: Ride or Die Screening
© Angel Delgado/Getty Images

Will Smith recently delighted unsuspecting moviegoers by secretly joining them at a screening of "Bad Boys: Ride or Die," the latest instalment in his famed action-comedy franchise alongside Martin Lawrence. The 55-year-old actor, donned in a discreet all-black outfit, surprised fans at a Cinemark theater, revealing his presence only as the credits rolled.

The reveal, captured in a viral TikTok video by the theatre's general manager, unfolded as patrons exited the screening. The footage shows excitement as Smith steps out, greeted by cheers and disbelief. "Hey, I’m glad y’all enjoyed that," Smith said, engaging with the audience through handshakes, hugs, and photo ops.

This unexpected appearance is part of Smith's broader effort to reclaim his box-office appeal following recent setbacks. A film industry insider said to PEOPLE, "Bad Boys is not a risk. It's a good piece to see him soar. A talent as ambitious and financially successful as Will does not go away with one mistake."

Off-Screen Bonding

Outside the box office, the premiere of "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" in Los Angeles was also a moment of reunion for Smith and Lawrence, who have developed a close friendship portraying the detective duo Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.

Their off-screen camaraderie mirrors their on-screen partnership, with both actors sharing amusing anecdotes about their quirks. Lawrence pointed out Smith's incessant need to rehearse, while Smith highlighted Lawrence's unique habit of drinking an entire water bottle in one go.

The film's release has generated significant buzz for its star-studded cast and the dynamic action and humour defining the "Bad Boys" series. As Smith and Lawrence continue their cinematic journey, fans can expect the same thrilling chase sequences and witty exchanges that have made the franchise a beloved staple in the action-comedy genre.

"Bad Boys: Ride or Die" is currently showing in theaters. It promises audiences a blend of adrenaline-pumping action and heartfelt laughter. Smith is hopeful that this latest chapter will further cement his and Lawrence's legacy as one of Hollywood's most iconic duos.

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