Trump Plans Rally in Nevada Amidst Sweltering Heatwave

Trump campaign emphasizes safety in extreme weather conditions.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Plans Rally in Nevada Amidst Sweltering Heatwave
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Donald Trump's critical outdoor rally in Las Vegas Sunday is the prospective Republican presidential candidate's first major public appearance since a New York jury convicted him of falsifying documents related to a 2016 payment to a porn star—his conviction as the first former president to have a crime hanging over his head.

The event is meant to shore up popularity in Nevada, a critical swing state that Trump once lost narrowly in the last two elections but currently shows good polling heading to the November 5 contest. In a recent Fox News poll, he leads his Democratic rival, President Joe Bidden, by five points.

In a Five-Thirty-Eight poll aggregator, he takes the same. Immigration and the economic challenges of post-pandemic inflation, tamed under Biden's leadership, are other key campaign issues that will be addressed at the Las Vegas rally.

Biden's speech is expected to harp on his plans to curb illegal immigration and criticize how the current administration has handled economic policies.

Heat Safety at Rally

The gathering will take place with temperatures expected to be as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the afternoon.

As such, the Trump campaign has implemented elaborate safety measures for the attendees. These include open water bottles, misting stations, and on-site medical services that will offer preventive care and safety against emergency cases caused by the high temperatures following the many cases of heat exhaustion that were reported at a recent Trump event in Arizona.

Nevada is up for grabs, and the political fray is high. Even as surveys show one thing, Rebecca Gill, a political scientist at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, believes they may not capture what voters genuinely feel. Attention could become more focused in the final weeks of the election.

If an anti-abortion rights ballot initiative is included on the ballot, support for it could change things dramatically—particularly among Democrats. As Trump soldiers on in his campaign struggle, he is wrapping up a three-day fundraising foray that included visits to San Francisco and Beverly Hills.

Reportedly, that crusade raised millions of dollars from technology executives and other donors to show he continues to have the financial support and strategic campaigning to position himself for the election ahead.