Bill Maher Forecasts Troubling Outcome from Biden’s Recent Strategy

Maher critiques Biden's controversial new immigration limits.

by Nouman Rasool
Bill Maher Forecasts Troubling Outcome from Biden’s Recent Strategy
© Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Commenting on President Joe Biden's new immigration policy, Bill Maher doubted its practical application and effect on potential electoral hopes. He was talking on "Real Time," Maher noted after President Biden issued an executive order capping asylum claims processed at the border to 2500 in any day.

He suggested that this policy could contribute significantly to a potential election loss for Biden, highlighting the dual issues of Biden's age and contentious nature of the immigration debate. The policy has faced bipartisan criticism.

Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Pramila Jayapal have all expressed disappointment, describing the executive action as a betrayal of American ideals and critiquing its lack of provisions for more accessible documentation for migrants.

The approach mirrors an order previously attempted by former President Trump, which the courts blocked.

Border Closure Critique

Maher elaborated on the policy's automatic border closure if asylum seeker numbers exceed 2,500 on any given day.

He likened this to a nightclub's cap nightclub's, humorously noting that exceeding the limit would prompt a "no more entries" response akin" to a fire marshal's order marshal's criticaMaher'se extends to the implementation timing—just six months before the next election, which he interprets as a desperate last-minute effort by Biden to address immigration issues, akin to a "Hail Mary pass." Moreover, Mah"r provided a startling statistic, claiming over nine million migrants have entered the U.S.

since Biden took office, a figure surpassing the population of Nicaragua. He criticized the Democratic Party's reluctance to define a limit to the number of acceptable migrants, framing the political dilemma as a choice between appearing inclusive or facing accusations of racism.

In closing, Maher highlighted the complex dynamics and political gamesmanship surrounding the immigration debate, suggesting that the Republicans refused to cooperate on legislative solutions to retain it as a potent electoral issue.

According to Maher, this executive order represents a last-ditch effort by Biden that is unlikely to garner favour with voters, encapsulating the ongoing struggle over immigration policy as both a moral and political challenge.