Sarah Fergie's Reconciliation Offers Hope for Suss-xes

Sarah Fergie's return sparks hope for Harry and Meghan's reconciliation.

by Nouman Rasool
Sarah Fergie's Reconciliation Offers Hope for Suss-xes
© Gareth Fuller/Getty Images

The 64-year-old Duchess of York recently rejoined the royal fold and showed her face again, this time with ex-hubby Prince Andrew and the rest of the royals during their traditional Christmas day walk last year. This marked Fergie's first participation in the royal Christmas festivities for 32 years after she was banned from royal engagements by the late Prince Phillip, especially after the infamous 'toe-sucking' scandal of 1992 that caused the end of her marriage to Andrew.

The return of Fergie is seen by many as the "turning point"; even in the case of Harry and Meghan, a reconciliation is not entirely ruled out. Jennie Bond, a royal expert, told OK! "If Sarah can be welcomed back after 30 years, all is never lost for a reconciliation between father and son." Bond pointed out that the man in question is also very close to Harry, Princess Eugenie, Fergie's daughter, and this situation could play a significant role in reconciliation.

After all, added the expert, "perhaps Sarah could be a mentor to help him reconcile with his father.".

Hope for Reconciliation

Since their increasingly estranged departure for the United States and drawing back from royal circles in 2020, much has come to befall the Suss-xes.

Things deteriorated after their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey and the controversial Netflix docuseries. Despite this, Bond senses that if Fergie can rekindle contact after years, then surely the same can be said for Harry and Meghan.

"And if The Duchess of York can still rebuild bridges so many years later - as she did with her sister-in-law in recent times - then there might yet be hope for Harry and Meghan, too," she explained. Bond said King's injunction for "all people to treat others as we would wish to be treated" applied to Harry and Meghan.

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich strikes a more cautionary note, pointing out the "stark contrast" between Fergie's approach and that of the Suss-xes. Speaking to Fox News, Fordwich said Fergie had always supported the Royal Family and had never "burned bridges," as Harry and Meghan have at various times.

She underlined that, for the Suss-xes to regain favor with the royal household again, it is incumbent on them to look back on the behavior they conducted in the past. In conclusion, if the entry of Fergie back into the royal fold brings a glimmer of hope for Harry and Meghan, fixing broken ties demands a change in route with careful reflection.