Jon Stewart Points Out How Trump Benefits America by Gaming Politics

Exploring Trump's ongoing conflict with key U.S. institutions

by Zain ul Abedin
Jon Stewart Points Out How Trump Benefits America by Gaming Politics
© Monica Schipper/Getty Images

In the latest episode of his Comedy Central podcast, "The Weekly Show," Jon Stewart proposed a provocative perspective on Donald Trump's impact on America’s political landscape. Stewart likened the former president to a white hat hacker who, although exploiting the system for personal gain, inadvertently highlights its vulnerabilities.

This unique viewpoint was shared during the debut episode of his podcast on Thursday. According to Stewart, Trump's actions could serve as a revealing stress test for American democracy. “He’s not doing it for our benefit, he’s doing it to exploit it,” Stewart explained, suggesting that this exploitation could be a catalyst for fortifying the nation's institutions against future breaches.

He raised an intriguing possibility: What if America could “reverse engineer” the insights from Trump’s tactics to strengthen its political system?

Trump's Institutional Battles

Further into the podcast, Jane Mayer, chief Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, echoed Stewart's sentiments.

She emphasized how Trump has consistently targeted any barriers that thwarted his agendas during his presidency, such as the independent press and the justice system. Mayer noted that his ongoing criticism of the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies reflects his struggle against entities equipped with the autonomy to critique him.

Stewart shifted the focus from Trump’s actions to the broader implications for the U.S. He posited that the real opportunity lies not in critiquing Trump himself but in using the situation to scrutinize and enhance the resilience and stability of America’s political system.

“This isn’t about criticizing Trump, this is about the constructive look at what is making this system so much more vulnerable,” Stewart remarked. This approach suggests a path forward where the challenges posed by figures like Trump could lead to significant systemic improvements.

Stewart believes America can rebuild a more robust and stable governance structure by spotlighting these systemic flaws and working towards their amendment. This insightful analysis challenges the audience to view Trump’s actions differently and calls for a collective effort to safeguard the nation’s democratic foundations.