Jake Gyllenhaal Praises Godmother Jamie Lee Curtis's Support

Jake Gyllenhaal discusses his bond with godmother Jamie Lee Curtis.

by Nouman Rasool
Jake Gyllenhaal Praises Godmother Jamie Lee Curtis's Support
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Jake Gyllenhaal recently shared with E! News about his close and cherished relationship with his godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis. As he gears up to launch the AppleTV+ series Presumed Innocent, which he produces, the 43-year-old actor spoke out about how much the 65-year-old Curtis means to him.

"She gives me strength and love at times I've needed it, and I hope I can be the same for her," Gyllenhaal told Variety, speaking to their symbiotic support. The actor further stated, "It would be an honor," with respect to the idea of acting onstage with Curtis.

In the same vein, both Gyllenhaal and Curtis have been able to share their experiences while being under COVID-19 lockdown in a PEOPLE interview back in April 2023. The two lived next door, together with Gyllenhaal's girlfriend, Jeanne Cadieu, which brought them even closer.

Curtis said: "He and Jeanne lived in the house next door that I have. We've just gotten to know each other."

Gyllenhaal's New Role

Curtis remembered that during the lockdown, he was multi-tasking with activities like singing, acting, and baking sourdough bread.

She shared that he was "very good" at baking. She jokingly remembered Gyllenhaal trying a handstand on a wall to complete an online challenge and taking off his shirt, even putting it back on. The veteran actress shared that she had given Gyllenhaal valuable career advice, emphasizing her experience.

"I looked at him and said, 'I've done this for a long time. You're just starting. There may be things your parents don't have the experience, strength, and hope that I do. Please use that if you need to,'" Curtis said. Gyllenhaal said of Curtis, "When she shines her light on you, I can tell you that it is like no other.

In his new series, Presumed Innocent, he plays opposite his brother-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard, which was, for him, "great fun." He said, "I've known him for 20 years, so being in that type of intimacy and being two professionals at this job, you can throw things in – and enjoy it." Scott Turow's 1987 New York Times bestseller novel, Presumed Innocent is an exciting series on a murder case that sends shock waves through the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney's office when its top deputy prosecutor is the one implicated in the crime.

Its first two episodes trail on Apple TV+ come June 12, and it will continue in the following six weeks, with a new one coming every week on Wednesdays through July 24.

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