Pat Sajak Bids Emotional Farewell to 'Wheel of Fortune' Fans

Iconic game show sees major changes as hosts transition

by Zain ul Abedin
Pat Sajak Bids Emotional Farewell to 'Wheel of Fortune' Fans
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Pat Sajak, the cherished host of "Wheel of Fortune," has taken his final bow, marking the end of an era on one of America's most beloved game shows. After four decades, Sajak delivered his last episode on June 7, transitioning into his well-deserved retirement with a poignant farewell that resonated deeply with millions of viewers.

As he addressed the audience, Sajak, 77, expressed profound gratitude for being a nightly fixture in homes nationwide. "Well, the time has come to say goodbye," he announced. "I have a few thanks and acknowledgments before I go, and I want to start with all watching out there.

It's been an incredible privilege to be invited into millions of homes night after night, year after year, decade after decade." Sajak reminisced about his tenure, emphasizing the show's commitment to being a "safe place for family fun." He proudly noted that the program steered clear of social issues and politics, focusing solely on providing wholesome entertainment.

Over the years, "Wheel of Fortune" evolved into more than just a game show—it became a learning tool for children mastering their letters, a resource for non-native speakers improving their English, and a communal space that brought families and friends together.

Reflecting on the show's impact, Sajak added, "What an honor to play even a small part in that. Thank you for allowing me into your lives." His heartfelt words underscored a career that entertained, educated, and united viewers of all ages.

Wheel's Future Hosts

Sajak's journey as the host began in 1981, and he announced his retirement a year ago, signaling that the 41st season would be his last. "It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months.

Many thanks to you all," he shared on X (formerly Twitter), hinting at the bittersweet nature of his departure. After Sajak's retirement, Ryan Seacrest has been confirmed to take over the hosting duties. Meanwhile, Vanna White, Sajak’s long-time co-host, will continue to grace the stage through the 2025-2026 season.

White shared her emotions in a tribute video, reflecting on their shared experiences and the deep bond they formed. "8000 episodes went by like that. When I first started, I was so green. You made me so comfortable and so confident, Pat.

You made me who I am, you really did," she expressed. White’s parting words highlighted the enduring friendship and mutual respect between the co-hosts: “You're like a brother to me and I consider you a true lifelong friend who I will always adore. I love you, Pat”.