Stephen Colbert Spins Trump's Classic Boast Into Hilarious Mockery

Colbert creatively critiques Trump's legal troubles on air

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Colbert Spins Trump's Classic Boast Into Hilarious Mockery
© David Livingston/Getty Images

In a recent episode of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert aimed at former President Donald Trump, highlighting a significant repercussion of his recent felony convictions in New York. Following his conviction on 34 felony charges, Trump has been stripped of his right to possess firearms, a detail not lost on Colbert.

Colbert, known for his sharp wit, pointed out that this legal outcome directly impacts one of Trump's most controversial claims - that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without losing any voters. With his gun license set to be revoked, the television host seized the moment to satirize Trump's notorious assertion.

Colbert's Comical Counter

Colbert couldn't resist revisiting the claim with a twist during the segment. He rolled a clip of Trump making his original statement, setting the stage for his satirical update. Adopting his best Trump impression, Colbert delivered a series of less lethal, albeit comical, alternatives to shooting someone.

"Tell you what,” Colbert mimicked in his Trump guise, “I can still stand out on Fifth Avenue and, I don’t know, give someone a purple nurple, a sack tap, atomic wedgie, wouldn’t lose a single vote.

Not a single vote! Hit ’em with a rubber band. Wet willy”. This humorous revision critiques Trump's initial statement and underscores the real-life consequences of his legal troubles. By swapping a firearm for childish pranks, Colbert illustrates the absurdity of Trump’s original boast while also commenting on his current predicament.

Colbert's knack for blending political commentary with humour was on full display. He turned a serious topic into a moment of levity that resonated with his audience, a testament to his ability to engage viewers by transforming complex political issues into accessible and entertaining television.