Jimmy Kimmel Slams 'Draft Dodger Don' During D-Day Tribute

Jimmy Kimmel humorously addresses Trump's controversial capabilities

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Slams 'Draft Dodger Don' During D-Day Tribute
© Anna Webber/Getty Images

On the solemn 80th anniversary of D-Day, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment during his show to reflect on the sacrifices made by the Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy, France. The day, steeped in historical significance, also became a platform for Kimmel to critique former President Donald Trump's conflicting statements about veterans.

In a poignant segment, Kimmel juxtaposed Trump’s recent post on Truth Social with his past remarks. Trump had expressed reverence for the D-Day soldiers, describing them as "the bravest, noblest, and greatest Americans ever to walk the earth." His post stated, "They shed their blood, and thousands gave their lives, in defense of American Freedom.

They are in our hearts today and for all time." However, Kimmel highlighted a stark contrast in tone from just 12 hours earlier, where Trump lamented his struggles, claiming, “What I’ve gone through, no one has ever gone through…I have been under siege!” This juxtaposition made Kimmel question the sincerity of Trump’s tribute to the veterans.

Kimmel's Legal Quip

Adding a layer of irony to the discussion, Kimmel pointed out Trump’s legal troubles that prevent him from visiting 37 countries and from carrying a concealed weapon - a stark contradiction to his previous capabilities and aspirations, which included having a concealed carry permit and owning handguns.

Kimmel's critique extended to a humorous analogy about the absurdity of Trump's situation. “It’s pretty crazy, a guy who’s not allowed to carry a concealed weapon, would be allowed to carry a nuclear weapon,” Kimmel joked.

He likened it to an illogical parental decision: “This is like your parents saying, ‘you know what, you can’t have a puppy, but if you get good grades, we’ll buy you a werewolf’”. The segment culminated with a final jab about Trump’s hypothetical limitations: “Now, if he wants to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, he’s going to have to do it with a crossbow,” Kimmel quipped, referencing Trump’s infamous statement about shooting someone and not losing voters.